• Shorts: Bridging the Gap Q&A

    Shorts: Bridging the Gap Q&A

    With Scott Calonico, Callum Rice, Jack Cocker, Alberto Iordanov, Anne Milne, Theresa Moeman Ib and Richard Warden, 18 June 2015

  • Outdoor Screenings

    Outdoor Screenings

    EIFF 2015 Outdoor Screenings at St Andrew Square including Batman, Flash Gordon, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lilo and Stitch, Raiders of the Lost Arc and Mean Girls, 12-14 June 2015

  • Waterloo


    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards at Filmhouse, 18 June 2015

  • The Gulls Q&A

    The Gulls Q&A

    With director Ella Manzheeva and producer Elena Glikman, 18 June 2015

  • The Marriage of Reason & Squalor Q&A

    The Marriage of Reason & Squalor Q&A

    With director Jake Chapman, producers Colin Vaines and Andy Noble, writer Brock Norman Brock, and actors Sophie Kennedy Clark and Rhys Ifans, 18 June 2015

  • I've Been Loving You

    I've Been Loving You

    Festival HQ, 18 June 2015

  • Amy Q&A

    Amy Q&A

    With director Asif Kapadia and producer James Gay-Rees, 18 June 2015

  • When Elephants Fight Q&A

    When Elephants Fight Q&A

    With director Michael Ramsdell, protagonist Daniel Balint-Kurti (Global Witness), Chris Hegarty (Christian Aid) and Simon Bateson of co-presenters Take One Action, 18 June 2015

  • Hector Q&A

    Hector Q&A

    With director Jake Gavin and actors Laurie Ventry, Natalie Gavin, Stephen Tompkinson and Keith Allen, 18 June 2015

  • All of Me Q&A

    All of Me Q&A

    With director Arturo González Villaseñor, 18 June 2015


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