13:20 The Beaches of Agnes - Intro by Francois Giraud

15:00 Shorts: Time Passes By - Intro by Franco Volpi, Becky Manson, Ewa Łuczków, Ted Fisher, Alexandra Brodski  Marios Lizides, Shereen Ali, Karen Barber & Lotta Laitinen

18:10 The McLaren Award: New British Animation 1 - Intro and Q&A with Nelly Michenaud, Joseph Wallace, Georgina Hurcombe , Grant Holden, Victoria Wijeratne, Elizabeth Hobbs, Edward Bulmer, Shereen Ali, Victoria Watson, Astrid Goldsmith, Craig Gell & Keith Duncan

18:10 Ruben Brandt, Collector - Intro by Jemma Glover & Angelica Petherick

18:20 Masters of Love - Intro and Q&A with Matt Roberts, Ciaran Dowd, Owen Roberts & Sarah Ovens

18:30 The Vast of Night - Intro and Q&A Andrew Patterson

20:00 In Person: Nick Broomfield

20:00 Carmilla - Intro and Q&A Harris, Elizabeth Brown, Emily Precious, Hannah Rae &
Devrim Lingnau

20:10 The Hidden City - Intro and Q&A with Victor Moreno Rodriguez

20:30 Love Beats - Intro and Q&A with Roberto Bueso

20:30 Underdown - Intro and Q&A with Sarah Kaskas

20:30 Birdboy: The Forgotten Children - Intro by Si Edwards

20:45 A Girl from Mogadishu - Intro and Q&A with Mary McGuckian and Ifrah Ahmed

20:50 End of Sentence - Intro and Q&A with Elfar Adalsteins, John Hawkes & Michael Armbruster