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Schooools out for the summer!

It may not feel like summer because the sun hasn't come out yet, but that's no excuse to stay home these next few weeks. So climb out of bed, put that student ID card to good use and take advantage of EIFF's insane Student Offers!

Students, see below for the latest offers!

You must enter the codes STUDENT50 or STUDENT25, as appropriate, online at checkout, or quote it in person or on the phone when buying a ticket to take advantage of this discount; it will not be automatically applied. Keep in mind that these codes are only valid for each film from 12 noon until midnight of the offer day. Please note that discount is only available for the screening on the specified day, not screenings that are later in the festival.

You are able to purchase an unlimited amount of tickets at one time, however, your guests must also be students and they must present a valid student ID card upon entry to the cinema. When you book your ticket online, select however many Student tickets you want, and at the end of checkout enter the promo code to apply the discount.

Every day we will update this page with deals that are too good to miss…up to 50% off! Check backevery 24 hours as a new lineup of films will be added at noon. So take a break from all those volunteer hours, internships, placements, or busking on Princes street and reward yourself by checking out a EIFF film premiere for the price of a small mocha-latte-frappe-espresso-cino.

Be sure to register as a Web Member and create your own "My EIFF" to get on the leaderboard for Film Fest Miles. Prizes are awarded throughout the leaderboard and the top two people at the end of the festival will win 2 roundtrip tickets to anywhere in Europe where easyJet flies. Courtesy of our friends at easyJet*.


Sunday 30 June

Dummy Jim 
BEST OF THE FEST SCREENING 19:45 at Cineworld - 25% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT25
Would you cycle from Scotland to the Arctic Circle? In May 1951, deaf James Duthie did it. He published his account of his three-month journey in the book I Cycled into the Arctic Circle, which became the inspiration for this totally unique mixture of documentary, fiction, and playful visual poetry, set to an exceptional musical score.

The Great Hip Hop Hoax 17:50 at Cineworld - 25% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT25 EUROPEAN PREMIERE! Giggity. A Californian rap duo are taking the music world by storm. Check out the unbelievable lengths to which they go to in order to achieve fame. Astonishing, moving and funny.

Traffic Department 18:05 at Cineworld - 25% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT25 The best thing about attending an International film festival is getting to see high profile films from all corners of the globe, not just those from the UK and US. Traffic Department is one such gem that comes to us from Poland. It has already enjoyed the success of being the #1 Polish film last year, and here is your chance to see it. In a police department where alcohol, drugs, sex and bribery are the norm, this is a great 117-minute frenzy of sleaze and corruption. 'Nuff Said.

Frances Ha
21:15 at Cineworld - 25% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT25
Aspiring dancer. NYC. Nuff said. … Greta Gerwig gives such an amazing performance in this film as she see's how long she can put off becoming an adult. Hilarious moments, this film is like 'Girls' mixed with 'Sex And The City' mixed with a cool black and white modern dance show.

The Berlin File
20:15 at Cineworld - 25% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT25
Asian action cinema at its best! This is a jam packed, fast paced, twisty yarn of international intrigue is filled with spy's, agents, escape artist and conspiracy. So totally awesome bro!

The East

18:00 at Cineworld - 50% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50?
Thoroughly enjoyed this one! A badass film about a young undercover agent (Brit Marling) who infiltrates a group of young eco-terrorists who target major corporations for crimes against the environment. Great film, entertaining throughout, go and see it.

Soylent Green 16:50 at Filmhouse - 50%, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50
Even in the dystopian future (no, not Planet of the Apes) Charlton Heston is as rugged as ever in Richard Fleischer science-fiction classic, Soylent Green. Earth, 2022. A polluted, over-populated world of exhausted natural resources, dead eco-systems, civil disorder, assisted suicide, and murder. A bleak vision of an imagined future that is now more frighteningly resonant than ever. An absolute must see for the cult Sci-fi fan.

14:30 at Filmhouse - 50% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50
The Old West wasn’t all deserts and cowboys. Gold tells the story of a small group of German immigrants travelling towards the far north (the furthest north, Alaska) in the hope of striking it rich in the goldfields of Dawson Creek (no, not that Dawson’s Creek). Little do they know they are actually being misled by their overly optimistic guide and are unprepared for the dangers and rigours of the journey. Beset by uncertainty, exhaustion, and conflicts, the travellers plunge deeper and deeper into the wilderness. It is a stark and minimalist Western by one of Germany’s best new filmmakers. 

Not Another Happy Ending

20:45 at Festival Theatre - 50% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50
Not Another Happy Ending is a great Scottish Rom-Com choc-a- block with a sexy cast all whom have perfect teeth. An author (Karen Gillan) gets writers block and her publisher tries to make her miserable because the thinks it will help her write…oh the lengths he goes to to royally mess up her day.

Before You Know It 15:20 at Cineworld - 50% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50 INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE! What does an African-American guy in Harlem, a Southener, and a barman in Texas have in common? They're gay and loving life! Oh, and they're over 65. This is a rich and absorbing documentary.

This is Martin Bonner 13:00 at Cineworld - 50% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50 INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE! An unlikely friendship forms between a recently released convict and a transition worker in this absorbing film of loneliness and friendship. Don't judge a book by its cover, its possible to find common ground and make friendships with anyone.

BREATHING EARTH Susumu Shingu's Dream
12:40 at Cineworld - 50% off, quote/enter discount promo code STUDENT50
A story of a man who takes his kite flying seriously. BREATHING EARTH Susumu Shingu's Dream is a film about exactly that; one man’s dream to create a wind powered community. This passionate environmental story follows architecture Susumu Shingu as he pursues his lifelong “dialogue with the wind and with water”. I know it sounds kind of deep, but don’t worry. It’s creative and engaging making watching this film an absolute breeze. It’s a breath of fresh air.

*Subject to dates and availability.

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