Films for the Family

A collection of films from around the world that children and adults can enjoy together.

The Nut Job

An animated heist adventure with a nutty difference.
Winter is coming and there’s a food shortage. The animals of Liberty Park, Oakton, are hungry.
But there is hope: Maury's Nut Store, a goldmine of food for all (including the wonder of peanut brittle). But how to get at it? It's up to Surly the squirrel, Precious the pug and Buddy the rat to break into Maury's and steal enough food for the whole park. But there's more to this simple nut shop than meets the eye... [PG]  TICKETS


Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

If you love Harry Potter, The Goonies and Indiana Jones - or your kids do - this is a must-see!
Naughty twins Zip and Zap are sent to a strict boarding school, run by eye-patch-wearing tyrant Falconetti. Fun and games are forbidden, but the boys are determined and start the secret Marble Gang as a resistance movement. When the gang uncover a mysterious secret hidden deep within the school, they are drawn into the most exciting adventure of their lives. Based on Spain's beloved comic book characters, this is a rollicking family adventure. Age 8+, accompanied by a reader for younger audience members. [PG] TICKETS

Headsets are available for audience members who may require assistance with subtitles on screen. Please contact Filmhouse Box Office at 0131 228 2688. Subject to availability.

Wolfy, the Incredible Secret

Unlike in most fairy tales, this wolf might be the hero...
Young wolf Loulou and his rabbit best friend Tom set off on an adventure to find out what happened to Loulou’s mother. But in Wolfenberg, the old wolf prince is hosting the Carnivore Games and doesn't want a kind-hearted young wolf or (heaven forbid) a rabbit upsetting proceedings. Can Loulou find his mother, remain true to his friend and work out the big secret about his identity? This delightful, award-winning animated film will charm all ages. Age 5+, accompanied by a reader for younger audience members [U] TICKETS

Headsets are available for audience members who may require assistance with subtitles on screen. Please contact Filmhouse Box Office at 0131 228 2688. Subject to availability

The House of Magic

The spellbinding adventure of one cat’s mission to save the day…
When abandoned by his owner, Thunder the cat seeks shelter in the mysterious house of an old magician. Filled with dazzling inventions and gizmos, Thunder is welcomed into his new home by everyone except the jealous Jack Rabbit. When the magician ends up in hospital and his evil nephew seeks to sell the house and put his uncle in a home, it is up to Thunder to unite the household and save the house before it is too late. Film will be screened in 3D [U] TICKETS

For the Family (Shorts)

Come and meet singing fish, dinosaurs and a race-driving 10-year-old.
This selection of shorts for families is a delightfully eclectic mix. Bursting with imagination, they include a magical snowman, daredevil adventures and some children with very grown-up concerns. Meet best friends Rabbit and Deer and new school friends Ravi and Jane, who all want to play and have fun. By turns silly and thoughtful, this is a great introduction to the Festival for your favourite small person. Age 8+ [PG] TICKETS

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Let this spectacular IMAX film transport you to the unique, magical island of Madagascar.
Morgan Freeman narrates this incredible true story of nature's greatest explorers: lemurs. They are the star attraction on this island which has it's own unique ecosystem. These playful, inquisitive and resourceful animals are in danger, and scientists and islanders are working to secure their future. Join trailblazing scientist Dr Patricia Wright on her lifelong mission to help these strange and adorable creatures survive in the modern world. [U] TICKETS

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