Films for Families, Children and Teens

A collection of films from our programme which are suitable for families, as well as those selected from the EIFF's Young Programmers new strand: Not Another Teen Movie. Films for the young and the young at heart.

Family Programming - Fabulous fun for all ages. 

1. Family Gala – Monsters University
Who will graduate as top Scarer?
This long-awaited sequel to the smash Monsters Inc. is in fact a prequel, looking back at the days when Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) were studying to be Scarers at Monsters University. When their fierce rivalry gets them expelled, the two are forced to work together and take on some rather unusual colleagues. Disney Pixar bring their special magic to a rollicking, madcap comedy of university life. Screening with the Pixar short film The Blue Umbrella.

2. Shorts for the Family
Magical short film delights for all ages.
The importance of friendship and being true to yourself are the main themes of this family-friendly programme of animations and one short documentary. What would you do if you had a tail? Can cotton ball and coal people be friends? And what is a water-haggis? These and many more questions will be answered and it’s all great fun and a brilliant introduction to the festival for your favourite small person. Suitable for Age 8+

      A Cautionary Tail,
A quirky fairytale about a girl born with an extraordinary tail, which is a delight but also sets
      her aside from the other kids.

      The Flame and the Cotton Ball,
      Flame is lonely in his world of coal and fire but can a cotton ball girl become his friend?

      A beautifully animated bright and exciting science lesson.

      20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
      Inspired by the Jules Verne novel. Captain Nemo and his 'futuristic' submarine Nautilus
      are out to save the world from environmental disaster but will young Ned help or make
      matters worse?

      The Hideout
      A group of boys (with the coolest den ever!) discuss their friendship and how they feel about
      moving up to secondary school.

      The smallest sea haggis is tired of missing out on dinner so decides to employ unusual fishing
      skills to compete.

3. Comrade Kim Goes Flying
Directors’ Showcase / UK premiere
A candy-coloured view of life and dreams in the Hermit Kingdom.
This cheerful, bright confection tells the story of Kim Yong-mi, a coal miner in her twenties whose childhood dreams of flying are revived by a visit to the circus. She trains to become a trapeze artist, and despite setbacks and embarrassments she maintains her optimism and her will to succeed. The first Western-financed feature film made entirely in North Korea fills the screen with charm and idealism.

4. Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyages: The Films of Richard Fleischer
A madcap adventure inside the human body.
A top Russian scientist is critically wounded after defecting to the West. The only hope of saving him lies in miniaturising a surgical team and injecting them into his bloodstream to operate on his blood clot. A classic of 60s pop cinema.

5. Jurassic Park 3D
Special Screenings
It’s a new experience in IMAX 3D.
A theme park on a tropical island populated by cloned dinosaurs is the setting for a cinematic thrill ride that has dazzled millions in the two decades since its release. State-of-the-art at the time, its special effects still astonish and convince. See a beloved modern classic get a new 3D makeover by Spielberg himself. Please note: this screening will have reserved seating

6. Edinburgh School Film Competition – Primary & Secondary
Edinburgh’s got filmmaking talent and it’s right here.
Now in its fifth year, the Edinburgh Schools Film Competition invites all young people in Edinburgh schools (Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Special Schools) to submit their short films to EIFF. The Youth Jury views all entries and selects the most accomplished, interesting and amusing to be screened during the Festival. At private screenings for the young filmmakers the Youth Jury presents a range of awards celebrating the very best films and the achievement of all who have been selected to screen at EIFF. The public screenings are open to all friends, family and fans of great short films.

Not Another Teen Movie,
a new strand programmed by EIFF's Young Programmers Team. Films for the young and the young at heart.

1. 7 Boxes
Not Another Teen Movie / UK premiere
A thrilling chase through the markets of Paraguay.
Víctor is a teenage boy who finds himself in a man’s game. What begins as a normal day at the market where he works, soon transforms into a Hollywood style chase scene through the maze of bustling markets in Asunción. In return for a $100 bill, Víctor agrees to transport seven boxes. What lies inside, he doesn’t know, but it doesn’t take him long to realise that they are very much in demand.

2. The Great Hip Hop Hoax
New Realities / UK premiere
An elaborate deception becomes a bizarre way of life.
Californian rap duo Silibil ‘n’ Brains are poised to take the music world by storm. They’re talking the talk... walking the walk... and they’ve just pocketed a hefty advance from a major music label. Surely nothing could go wrong? Truth is definitely stranger than fiction in this astonishing, funny and moving documentary that touches on issues of Scottish national identity whilst showing the unbelievable lengths to which people will go to achieve fame.

3. Old Stock
Not Another Teen Movie / UK premiere
Growing old is inevitable; growing up is harder to do.
Able-bodied but broken-hearted, Stock Burton retires in his early 20s. Facing a quarter-life crisis Stock misuses two years in the Golden Seasons with his youthful grandfather. When Stock is forced out of his pyjamas to confront his troubled past he must handle an old tragedy, a new flame, and plenty of laughs - who knew growing up could be so fun?

4. Pluto
Focus on Korea / UK premiere
When academic competition goes too far.
At an elite boarding school, the murder of a top student adds fuel to the rivalry and suspicion among his class. One of the suspects, a boy who has so far failed to break into the coveted ranks of the top ten students, uncovers a frightening conspiracy among his classmates. The poisonous atmosphere at the school erupts in further violence and leads to a hostage situation. A spellbinding thriller.
This film is featured in both the Focus on Korea & Not Another Teen Movie strand.

5. Shorts: Not Another Teen Movie
Teenage kicks from around the world
EIFF's Young Programmer group have selected the freshest, boldest international shorts about young people. Adolescence is a subject all filmmakers love but few manage to be as funny, moving, honest and original as these snapshots of teenage life.

      We Were Wolves
      Three brothers have an unbreakable bond; spending the summer hanging out and riding
      their motorbikes, until one of them breaks up the pack.

      The Wall
      In an apocalyptic world a young boy has to fend for himself. He thinks he's alone until
      someone tries to communicate with him but should he help or is there danger?

      Rainbow Connection
      Eugene, a teenager with downs syndrome, loves drawing rainbows and dreams of the pot
      of gold at the end. But as his mother's illness progresses he knows that he will have to make
      his own luck.

      Cherries (Duvdevanim)
      A refreshing take on the hierarchy of teenage friendship. Three girls have been best friends
      forever but a party threatens to change all that forever.

      Sometimes the child has to be the parent whether they understand what is happening or not.

      Sweet Lemons
      Memories, stories and beautiful textured animation together create an atmospheric and
      ambiguous story.

     A teenage boy and girl meet at a house party but when she claims that the abandoned house
     is hers he soon realises that her life is a lot more complicated than he expected.

     See the Dirt
     A wonderful, funny and touching documentary about a young man with a very unusual hobby.

6. Struck by Lightning
Not Another Teen Movie / UK premiere
Carson Phillips has a dream that exceeds the constraints of his small town.
When he discovers his efforts as head of Writers’ Club won’t be enough to impress his dream university, he blackmails his reluctant classmates into compiling a literary magazine from their work. A satirical story of flying the nest that’s supported by a wonderful ensemble, this comical yet moving film mocks the clichéd school life Hollywood often presents.

7. You & Me Forever
Not Another Teen Movie / UK premiere
Sixteen isn’t always so sweet.
Laura and Christine are sixteen and are going to be best friends forever. However, the arrival of new girl in town, Maria, soon shatters this fairytale ideal. Confident, attractive and years beyond her age, Maria is a source of fascination for Laura, who soon ditches Christine in an attempt to keep up with Maria’s hedonistic lifestyle. A truthful depiction of growing up and the friendships and betrayals faced along the way.

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