Shorts: For the Family

  • 73 mins

Magical short film delights for all ages.

Suitable for families

The importance of friendship and being true to yourself are the main themes of this family-friendly programme of animations and one short documentary. What would you do if you had a tail? Can cotton ball and coal people be friends? And what is a water-haggis? These and many more questions will be answered and it’s all great fun and a brilliant introduction to the festival for your favourite small person. Suitable for Age 8+

A Cautionary Tail, Simon Rippingale/Australia/2012/14 min
A quirky fairytale about a girl born with an extraordinary tail, which is a delight but also sets her aside from the other kids.  
The Flame and the Cotton Ball (Flammen og Vattotten), Niels Bisbo/Denmark/2012/23 min
Flame is lonely in his world of coal and fire but can a cotton ball girl become his friend?

SeeD, Hui-ching Tseng/Taiwan/2013/3 min
A beautifully animated bright and exciting science lesson.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Ben Smith/UK/2012/11 min
Inspired by the Jules Verne novel. Captain Nemo and his 'futuristic' submarine Nautilus are out to save the world from environmental disaster but will young Ned help or make matters worse?

The Hideout (Achter de Toren), Astrid Bussink/Netherlands/2012/15 min
A group of boys (with the coolest den ever!) discuss their friendship and how they feel about moving up to secondary school.

SNAP, Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere/Belgium, UK/2012/7 min
The smallest sea haggis is tired of missing out on dinner so decides to employ unusual fishing skills to compete.

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