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Colan has a background in film criticism, and was drafted in to bring you great content on this very website.

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  • Be prepared!

    Be prepared!

    A boy scout mentality is required for the programme and box office launch next week. Check out our four step plan to EIFF happiness.

  • A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

    A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

    It's that time of the year when I get to start a few conversations in the newly-updated EIFF Web Members' forum and a few Google searches helped me set the ball rolling on this year's chat.

  • Cannes we kick it?

    Cannes we kick it?

    AD Hannah and fellow EIFFers are in Cannes on a mission, and they'll need energy and skill to survive the riotous Riviera fest.

  • Toy Story 3 set for the fest

    Toy Story 3 set for the fest

    As announced today, it's a huge thrill for EIFF to host the Special 3D Gala screening of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3 on Saturday 19 June.

  • Industry buzz

    Industry buzz

    Now that press and industry delegate registration is open, I'm looking forward to the industry buzz that the film professionals create.

  • More success for Kells

    More success for Kells

    Things just keep getting better for Tomm Moore as his enchanting animation, The Secret of Kells, has picked up yet another award.

  • The Illusionist announced as Opening Gala for 2010 Festival

    The Illusionist announced as Opening Gala for 2010 Festival

    We're delighted to announce that Sylvain Chomet's The Illusionist will be the Opening Gala for this year's Festival.

  • Are you prepared?

    Are you prepared?

    'Remember, remember the first of June' may not be poetic but it's certainly prophetic, for this is the date when the programme is revealed.

  • One cool cat

    One cool cat

    This week's release of The Kreutzer Sonata has reminded me of an encounter with its star, the supercool Danny Huston, at the 2008 festival.

  • Monster vs Alien

    Monster vs Alien

    Rifling through the film festival video archive we've stumbled across fantastic interviews with Hollywood big hitters Charlize Theron and Sigourney Weaver... which would you rather see as the next EIFFtv Classic?

  • Oscar®  triumph for EIFF prems

    Oscar® triumph for EIFF prems

    It was a glittering night in Hollywood - and a happy occasion on Edinburgh's Lothian Road - as EIFF prems scooped statuettes on the biggest night in the film calendar.

  • The submissions countdown begins

    The submissions countdown begins

    There are only five days left for the budding Spielbergs or Soderberghs out there to get submissions to EIFF for the 2010 Festival.

  • Off to a flyer

    Off to a flyer

    EIFF has secured CityJet as our official airline, making sure that the stars destined for the 2010 Festival will arrive in style.

  • And the winner might be...

    And the winner might be...

    I'm not a gambling man but I'll be tempted to have a flutter on this year's Oscars®. If you want to win big then read on for this year's hot tips.*

  • World exclusive! No, honestly, it is.

    World exclusive! No, honestly, it is.

    We've discovered some hidden gems from the Festival video vaults, and will soon be showing exclusively online the first of our EIFFtv Classics series of interviews - the first feauring a great scot.

  • The horror...

    The horror...

    It's that time of year... Halloween is nearly upon us and some of the horror flicks on general release are terrifying for all the wrong reasons.

  • Film-spotter


    Just like a sports fan who has an illogical fondness for a team and keeps an eye on their progress, I do much the same with EIFF films.

  • And now the end is near...

    And now the end is near...


  • And now the end is near...

    And now the end is near...

    As I'm writing this there are just a few hours left until the last reel turns on a Festival film, and I'm reflecting on another great year.

  • Roger and me

    Roger and me

    The stars of EIFF 2009 have come in all shapes and sizes but Roger Corman is certainly the most influential of them all. I was lucky enough to grab an interview with him today.

  • Riding with Scor-zay-zee and Le Donk

    Riding with Scor-zay-zee and Le Donk

    It was a once in a lifetime experience for the EIFFtv crew yesterday, as we captured Scor-zay-zee and Le Donk in action.

  • The next big thing?

    The next big thing?

    Each year at the fest, there's much fun to be had in guessing what 'the next big thing' is going to be, and I reckon a local production could be this year's hot ticket.

  • Bloggers unite

    Bloggers unite

    During a hectic first day of the fest, I finally got to meet my fellow bloggers, and our online audience are in for a treat.

  • In defence of Antichrist

    In defence of Antichrist

    When it comes to courting controversy, few directors have greater experience than Lars von Trier, but the Festival is right to screen the shocking Antichrist.

  • A special event for a special talent

    A special event for a special talent

    In among the glitz and glamour of the Festival, there are moments which remind you that EIFF is, above all, about a passion for cinema.

  • Another dimension

    Another dimension

    With the announcement of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at EIFF, I may be tempted to my first 3-D movie experience in 26 years.

  • A true local hero

    A true local hero

    Just occasionally reading about films inspires me more than watching them, expecially when it throws up an anecdote that makes me appreciate a filmmaker even more.

  • Big, brash and Bay

    Big, brash and Bay

    Checking over the films on general release during EIFF (well, we have to know the competition), one movie sticks out - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

  • Dummies guide to planning your Festival

    Dummies guide to planning your Festival

    Every year I inevitably come across a lost soul at Festival time, dejected because they’ve missed out on a great film or an onstage appearance by their cinematic idol.

  • Superfly? You will be.

    Superfly? You will be.

    While doing some online research on the supercool blaxploitation pastiche Black Dynamite, I've stumbled across this year's must-have movie merchandise.