Pathways: Films that will change and inspire you

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Looking for a quick way into the EIFF programme? Here are our selection of films based around passions and missions that will change and inspire you.

X/Y (19 & 20 June)
Twists and turns on the road to love. Writer-director and lead actor Ryan Piers Williams (The Dry Land, Best International Feature Award Winner at EIFF 2010) directs this sophomore feature – an intimate and insightful character study of a group of friends in New York City. Get swet up in this utterly compelling, perceptive and honest observation of how far we are prepared to go to find love.


Greyhawk (19 & 21 June)
In this debut feature from British director Guy Pitt, dog really is man's best friend. A withdrawn, blind ex-soldier loses his beloved guide dog on an infamous housing estate. Starring Alec Newman, this tale of redemption in the face of danger is memorable, thought-provoking British cinema.


N: The Madness of Reason (20 & 22 June)
Raymond Borremans (1906-1988) escaped to Ivory Coast in Africa during his twenties and documented his travels. The adventurer, musician, projectionist and entomologist had planned to write an entire encyclopaedia, but it was left unfinished at the letter N. Director Peter Krüger makes tribute to Borremans' work with this tribute: a love letter to the African continent. If you've ever wanted to travel the world and write or create art about it, this one is for you.


Set Fire to the Stars (23 & 24 June)
This playful, humourous, and moving snapshot of Dylan Thomas brings one of the world's most beloved poets to life. Shot in black-and-white, this beautiful film features stellar performances from co-writer Celyn Jones as Thomas and Elijah Wood as John Malcolm Brinnin. Bring your favourite collaborator or your perfect competitor and be inspired!


Home (Hemma) (25 & 29 June)
Who's for a dry comedy with a dash of non-conformism? In this Swedish-Icelandic co-production, four outsiders of three generations band together after the loss of a loved one. Filled with charm and warmth, it's a delightful tale of self-determination and finding one's place. It's certain to inspire you to reach out to others.


Ballet Boys (27 & 29 June)
What better place to find inspiration than in a dance competition documentary? This warm-hearted, inspiring film introduces us to three very different young friends who are all passionate about ballet. This delightful twist on the careers of boys in a girl-dominated field, it's a tale of strong friendships, challenges and determination. You'll be dancing in your seat – and all the way back to the box office for more.



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