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In today's Pathway we bring you cinematic journey through the remarkable journeys of remarkable people

Sofia’s Last Ambulance (20 & 21 June)
Sofia – not a person, but the capital city of Bulgaria – has over two million inhabitants and only 13 ambulances. Following the crew of one of these overworked vehicles, this wonderfully observed, affectionate and surprisingly optimistic film charts their struggle to save lives in the face of a lack of resources. With the numbers and poor roads working against them, what challenges will arise?


The Battle of the Sexes (21 & 23 June)
This rousing documentary from James Erskine and Zara Hayes recounts the 1973 match between former men's champion Bobby Riggs who declared that, even at the age of 55, he could beat any woman in the world and his female challenger. His opponent? The 39-time Grand Slam winner and women's rights activist Billie Jean King. 


Lunarcy (22 & 23 June)
If you ever laughed at Wallace and Gromit's adventures to a moon made of cheese, this is the film for you. Simon Ennis' documentary is a funny yet affectionate look at a group of individuals who are obsessed with the moon. One has been selling plots of land on the moon since 1980, while another is on a one-man mission to raise $500 million to become the first permanent resident on the moon. Crazy or ambitious? You decide.


Natan (23 & 29 June)
A forgotten French director named Bernard Natan is the topic of this documentary from David Cairns and Paul Duane. Piecing together the true story of this pivotal figure who once owned the mighty Pathé Studios, the filmmakers explore the reasons why Natan has not been remembered as a giant of French cinema. This fascinating film is a must for all cinephiles and lovers of lost things.


The Swimming Pool (24 & 25 June)
Shot in CinemaScope, this is the Cuba-set story of four disabled teens gathering in a public swimming pool to train with their coach. Seemingly mundane, but unspoken feelings, rivalries and power games among the members of the group surface over the course of a day's training. Unsentimental to its subjects and laconic in length, this is a truly immersive experience and intimate snapshot of this group of outcasts.


Hawking (28 June)
Presented in cooperation with the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Stephen Finnigan brings this documentary biography of Stephen Hawking, the world’s most famous living scientist. Telling his own life story in his own words, Hawking recalls his student days, astonishing scientific discoveries, and portrays his struggle against Motor Neurone Disease. An intimate and inspiring portrait of a remarkable man.

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