Pathways: Life as a Millennial

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Generation X has had its movie-making day, and now it's time for the rise of the millennial. As Girls sets the tone on TV, film is following suit and the Quarter-Life crisis is de rigueur

A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant (25 & 29 June)
Living in a turbulent Athens, 30-something artist and activist Electra struggles to find her place in a troubled city and a beaten society. Rather than painting a bleak portrait of a collapsed country, anger and humour go hand-in-hand in A.C.A.B. as it offers a tender look at a young generation in search of new meaning and hope.


Oh Boy (29 June)
Like Frances Ha, 27 year-old Berlin slacker Niko is still living the life of a student. One morning, on the hunt for a cup of coffee, his life is turned around: his girlfriend dumps him; a psychiatrist deems him unfit to drive; and, in a classic Millenial tragedy, his father has cut off his allowance. This quarter life crisis in a day is an effortlessly charming comedy from first-time feature filmmaker Jan Ole Gerster.


Old Stock (29 June)
Ah, the quarter-life crisis – the new classic tale of life in your early twenties. In Old Stock, the able-bodied but broken-hearted Stock Burton retires in his early 20s. But he's soon forced from his pyjamas to confront past troubles and kindle a new flame in this touching comedy.


You & Me Forever (24 & 28 June)
Best friends and a new girl in town – so far, so generic, right? But this Danish feature from Kaspar Munk shows the ways in which 16 isn't so sweet. Far from Hollywood fare, this honest depiction of growing up and the friendships and betrayals faced along the way.


uwantme2killhim? (25 & 26 June)
The nature of adolescent obsessions and shifting online identities is explored in this Michael Powell Award contested film from Andrew Douglas. A high school student's online romance comes to frictions when his girl's real-life husband becomes violent. Suspenseful and dark, you'll wonder which is more dangerous: the Internet or real life.


Struck by Lightning (28 & 30 June)
Programmed by young people, for young people, as part of the Not Another Teen Movie strand, Chris Colfer stars in this high school comedy penned by his own hand. The film big fish in a small pond Carson Phillips, whose dreams exceed the constraints of his small town. This satirical tale about flying the nest is supported by a wonderful ensemble (including Christina Hendricks and Rebel Wilson), mocking the clichéd Hollywood high school life we are used to seeing on screen.


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