Friday Night's Alright for Movie Watching

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This Friday night kicks off the final weekend of EIFF and it's filled with gems and surprises. Take a look at some of our Friday night suggestions.

Il Futuro (8.20pm at Filmhouse)
In The Future, while planning to rob a reclusive, blind millionaire, a girl becomes intimately involved with her target. Features excellent writing and spellbinding performances.


Sanctuary (8.30pm at Cineworld)
Screening as part of EIFF's Focus on Sweden, Sanctuary (Faro) follows a father who, on the run from the police, escapes with his daughter into a dream. Poignant, fragile, and utterly beautiful.


7 Boxes (8.40pm at Cineworld)
Screening in the Not Another Teen Movie strand, 7 Boxes is a thrilling chase through the markets of Paraguay. High drama and chases ensue. Also screens Saturday 29 June, 9.30pm at Cineworld.


For Those in Peril (8.45pm at Cineworld)
Six men went out to sea, but only one came back. This Michael Powell Award-nominated British gem stars Kate Dickie, George MacKay and Michael Smiley.Also Screens Saturday 29 June, 12.20pm at Cineworld.


Frankenstein's Army (10.30pm at Filmhouse)
What could be scarier than Frankenstein’s monster? Frankenstein’s army! Set in Eastern Germany, World War II, it's filled with shocks and gore, deranged scientists, and extravagant horror. Don't bring Grandma. Also Screens Saturday 29 June, 2.45pm at Cineworld.


Traffic Department (6.05pm at Cineworld)
In a police department where alcohol, drugs, sex and bribery are the norm, one policeman doesn’t know where to turn when he is falsely accused of murdering a fellow officer. Lightning-fast editing crams enough plot developments to fill a mini-series into a 117-minute frenzy of sleaze and corruption. Also Screens Sunday 30 June, 3.00pm at Cineworld.

Keep Smiling (6.20pm at Cineworld)
Competing for the ‘Georgia Mother 2010’ prize, ten women are pushed to their limits. Each of the contestants has her own reasons for entering but when the head of the jury demands more than they are willing to give, the initial excitement about the glamour of a live show is soon wares off. Also Screens Saturday 29 June, 7.05pm at Cineworld.


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