Welcome to EIFF 2012!

The EIFF blog is here - check back for daily news and activity from the Fest

Hello and welcome to the EIFF 2012 Blog!

We're getting active this year with lots of blogging coming up throughout the Fest.

Want to hear what Festival-goers have to say? We'll be chatting with the public post-screening and finding out what everyone wants to see.

We'll also be featuring the top films in each Strand of the Festival programme - an interactive Pathways if you will - to help you navigate our programme which is bursting with unseen gems.

You'll also have a chance to get involved as we'll be featuring the Festival's Top Tweets and featuring the best film reviews from across the blogosphere. We will also be hosting some special opportunities for bloggers and active web members, so check back to see what's in store for you.

And the cherry on top of this year's blog will be an excusive daily diary from the Creative Director himself - Chris Fujiwara.

Don't forget to check out our News pages too - that's where we'll be announcing special guests and giving you all of the headlines from EIFF.

So hit subscribe on your RSS feed, follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@edfilmfest), and read along with us this EIFF.

In the meantime, don't forget to plan your My EIFF schedule and book your tickets for the Opening Night Gala!

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