Alastair Morrison (Chair)

Atholl Duncan 

Sarah Baxter

Alison Cornwell

Gavin Davis

Karen Kelly

Brandon Malone

Lawrence Mearns

Katharine Otway

Mairead Ferguson

Yen Yau

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Senior Executive Team

Ken Hay, Chief Executive

Dougie Cameron, Chief Operating Officer

Kristy Matheson, Creative Director

Rod White, Head of Programming (Filmhouse Cinemas)

David Boyd, Head of Technical

Holly Daniel, Head of Talent Development and Industry

Eddie Cousins, Head of Filmhouse Trading

Yvonne Gordon, Head of Community Engagement and Learning

Kirsty Tough, Head of Marketing

Fiona Carr, Head of Development

Yvonne Smith, Head of Cinema Operations (Filmhouse)

Colin Farquhar, Head of Cinema Operations (Belmont Filmhouse)

Paul O'Sullivan, Head of IT 


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