Please read the full EIFF Recruitment Policy below to understand the types of roles available, benefits and application procedure before starting your application.

EIFF Recruitment Policy – Temporary Paid Staff and Paid Internships

Born alongside Edinburgh's International Festival in 1947, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is the world’s longest continually running film festival. EIFF provides a showcase for outstanding new films; a meeting place for those who are interested in making, distributing, exhibiting, watching, and discussing films; educational opportunities for those who wish to deepen their involvement with cinema; a foundation for an informed and sophisticated appreciation of cinema among a non-specialist public; and a platform for collaboration among local, UK, and international film communities.

EIFF doesn't happen by magic. We rely on the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of approximately 85 temporary paid roles, 12 paid internships and 130 volunteer posts each year.

EIFF is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all ethnic groups, sexual orientations and genders. Please see the Equal Opportunities section of our Recruitment Policy for more information.

EIFF Temporary Paid Staff

People applying for these roles will ideally have existing demonstrable work experience that is directly relevant to each individual role.

All staff responsible for any of the following functions are paid:
• managing a venue, budget, individual or team;
• deciding how guest and customer service is delivered;
• operating machinery or equipment without supervision;
• negotiating contracts;
• driving a Festival car.

Salaries are compliant with the National Living Wage rate for all EIFF staff. There are no overtime payments.

EIFF Paid Internships

Internships are mentored, learning opportunities, providing valuable work experience within a specific team at the Festival. Interns are paid at the National Living Wage rate for 25+. Normally lasting up to 3 months and allowing for flexible working, they are designed to provide a clear understanding of a team’s contribution to the festival, and an engaging and valuable learning experience. Within the context of an agreed learning plan, EIFF also aims to ensure individuals gain an understanding of the wider planning and organisation that goes into delivering a major international festival and the role that other teams play.

Applicants do not need to have prior experience for the roles, however applicants must be 18 years old and over. Successful candidates will be looking for opportunities to develop new skills and gain experience with a view to pursuing a relevant career.

All individual interns have a mentor who will: clarify and agree on learning objectives and learning outcomes at the start of the internship; organise training and support throughout the role; and review progress throughout the internship and on completion of the role.

EIFF will provide a written reference for individuals who have successfully completed their internship.
Most internship are full-time roles, approximately 35 hours per week; however, EIFF will always consider flexible working arrangements. Some internship positions can be organised to suit students who require a work placement as part of their University course.

Benefits for all Temporary Paid Staff and Paid Interns

• The chance to see EIFF films and attend EIFF events.
• Access to EIFF's Industry Centre with a wide range of Industry Events and networking opportunities.
• Access to the Videotheque.
• A working environment with lots of colleagues who are passionate about film.
• Including your time with EIFF on your CV.
• Invitation to the wrap party.

Application, Selection and Induction Process

• All applications must be made through the online application process. We will NOT accept any applications by post or email. A number of positions are filled by returning staff and therefore not all roles are advertised.

• All applications will be considered and a shortlist will be drawn up for suitable applicants to be interviewed. We receive a lot of applications each year for the full range of positions available at the Festival. If you haven't heard from us 3 weeks before the advertised start of the role you're applying for, please assume that your application has been unsuccessful at this time.

• The interview will focus largely on an individual’s motivation and aspirations; whilst our priority is to fill each position with the best person for that role, we want the role to be right for the individual as well.

• All temporary paid staff and interns are required to attend a training and induction day prior to the Festival. Other relevant training and induction will be provided as required.

• Every effort has been made to ensure the role descriptions reflect EIFF's current needs for each position. Small details may be updated and candidates will be made aware of any changes as required.

• Proof of right to work in the UK will be sought at interview. This applies to individuals in paid and internship posts.

• We are unable to contribute to accommodation, living and travel expenses.

• Most posts at EIFF are only suitable for 18 year olds and over, unless otherwise stated.

• All postholders will receive written confirmation of the terms of their role, which they are required to sign and return before their role begins.

• All temporary paid staff and interns are required to complete feedback forms after the Festival. This enables us to continually review our processes and make sure that future temporary paid staff, volunteers and interns receive the best possible experience of working with EIFF.


It is the responsibility of all staff to minimise the CMI’s environmental impact wherever possible and adhere to the company’s Environmental Policy.

This will include:
• recycling;
• switching off lights, computers, monitors and equipment when not in use;
• helping to reduce paper waste by minimising printing/copying and reducing water usage;
• reporting faults and heating/cooling concerns promptly;
• minimising carbon footprint when travelling.

Where the role includes the ordering and use of supplies or equipment the post holder will consider the environmental impact of purchases.

EIFF Equal Opportunities

EIFF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Centre for the Moving Image, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Whilst the following Equal Opportunities Policy Statement relates to employees of the Centre for the Moving Image, it will be applied to the recruitment and selection of temporary paid staff, interns and volunteers for EIFF.
Policy Statement

CMI is an equal opportunities employer, and as such aims to treat all employees, consultants and applicants fairly.

It is our policy to provide employment equality to all, irrespective of:
• Gender, including gender reassignment
• Marital or civil partnership status
• Having or not having dependants
• Religion or belief
• Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins)
• Disability
• Sexual orientation
• Age

EIFF encourages diversity and applications from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic groups, all sexual orientations and genders.

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All job applicants and employees who work for us will be treated fairly and will not be unfairly discriminated against on any of the above grounds. Decisions about recruitment and selection, promotion, training or any other benefit will be made objectively and without unlawful discrimination. This policy is written in consideration of the Equality Act 2010.