Iain Gardner

Iain graduated from the Royal College of Art Animation MA. He is himself an Award-Winning Short Film maker and is creative director at his own company Animation Garden. His short film The Tannery was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA and made it onto the long list for consideration for the 2012 Oscars. Other films include Akbar's Cheetah from 1999. His animation techniques are discussed within The Animation Bible by Maureen Furniss (2008), Animation - a World History (G. Bendazzi, 2016) and the 2nd edition of The Fundamentals of Animation (2016).  Iain was the Artistic Director of McLaren 2014, which celebrated the centenary of Norman McLaren, the namesake for our own Best of British Animation Award. He's served on various short film Juries including BAFTA Short Animation 2017, Encounters 2014, Scottish BAFTA Short Animation 2012-14 and the Toronto World Wide Short Film Festival 2012.