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  • Director

    Rosanna Lee

  • Starring

    Millie Chu, Loi Kiu Wong, Leslie Ching, Maggie Yung, Simon Lee, Marcie Wong Hill, Phinny Ding, Steve Yeung, Linda Law, Chi Keung Doa

  • Run Time

    9 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin


  • Language


  • Director of Photography: Kia Fern Little

  • Editor: Amy Dang

  • Produced by: Tara Sadeghi

  • Music: Lung Dart

  • Screenplay by: Rosanna Hok Yee Lee

  • Production Designer: Stefania Lucchesi

  • Sound Production: Alessandra Fasto

Director Bio

Rosanna Lee

P&I - Director Bio

Rosanna Lee is a filmmaker and artist based in Essex. She studied Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, where she made observational studies exhibited as multi-screen projections. She continues to work as a short film director and is currently working on a script that uses surrealist imagery to tell a story about the quiet subversiveness of domestic spaces.




A young British-Chinese woman joins her extended family for dim sum, adrift and separated by language, her identity and sense of belonging is captured in body language, ritual and touch. This film is presented without subtitles.

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