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  • Director

    Masha Novikova

  • Starring

    Natalia Berezhnaya, Ilya Del

  • Run Time

    20 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin

    UK, Ukraine, Germany

  • Language

    Russian, Ukrainian

  • Director of Photography: Pablo Garrido Carreras

  • Editor: Masha Novikova

  • Produced by: Paisley Valentine Walsh,Masha Novikova

  • Screenplay by: Matthew McHaffie, Masha Novikova

  • Production Designer: Gordey Stolyar

  • Sound Production: Bojan Palikuća

Director Bio

Masha Novikova

P&I - Director Bio

Masha Novikova is a Ukrainian writer/director who at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, earned an MA in Filmmaking from the London Film School and is an Oskar-Karl-Forster scholarship holder. Glorious Revolution won third prize at Cannes in La Cinef competition and was shortlisted in the 2022 Yugo BAFTA Student Awards. Masha is developing her first feature film, Maria’s Lovers.


Glorious Revolution


The story of a mother’s stubborn pursuit of a hero’s burial for her son who was killed during the protests in Ukraine in 2014. Faced with an implacable and uncaring bureaucratic system this mother doggedly pursues an idea of justice and remembrance for her precious child, regardless of the cost to herself. This Ukrainian/ British/ German co-production was an award winner at Cannes 2022. Rohan Berry Crickmar

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