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    66 mins

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Shorts: Bridging the Gap - MOBILE

Part of the Shorts Strand


From a year in which everything felt at a standstill, get transported by these brand new shorts on the theme of Mobile from the brightest Scottish and Northern Irish talent.

A playful and intimate exploration of face-blindness. An endurance race with young female athletes. A family-run haven for foreign fishermen in North East Scotland. An atmospheric portrait of labour and land in the West Country. Two cousins reconnecting after seeing their paths separated by the war in Syria.


Prosopagnosia / Steven Fraser / UK / 2021 / 10 min / English

Prosopagnosia means face-blindness and to understand this neurodiverse behaviour, the contents of a memory box are intricately explored. Sketchbooks, photographs and diaries unravel to tell a unique and personal story.


Run With Her / Lia Campbell / UK / 2021 / 13 min / English

Endurance running creates a secure world for 16 year old Emmy, where everything can be quantified and controlled. As influences from the outside world start to permeate, we follow the change it might bring to her relationships with the other girls on the team and within herself.


West Country / Rowan Ings / UK / 2021 / 9 min / EnglishAn atmospheric portrait of labour and land in the West Country, told with reflections from local 13-year-old Conor. The film explores daily rhythms of nature and labour, and relationships between men and the land in early Spring.


Born in Damascus / Laura Wadha / UK / 2021 / 16 min / English, Arabic with subtitles

After ten years apart, a Scottish filmmaker tries to reconnect with her closest cousin. Once so similar, their paths were separated by war. As they piece together memories of Syria, they begin to wonder - ‘What happened to our family?’


The Bayview / Daniel Cook / UK / 2021 / 18 min / English, Fante (Akan) with subtitles

On the North East Coast of Scotland, an extraordinary family have turned the previously derelict Bayview hotel into a place of respite for international fishermen when they come to land. This film is a glimpse into this unlikely home and the transient guests who pass through it.


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