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  • Director

    Ben Asamoah

  • Run Time

    80 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin

    Belgium, Netherlands

  • Language

    Akan, English

  • Director of Photography: Jonathan Wannyn

  • Editor: Tom Denoyette, Simon Schuurman

  • Produced by: Peter Krüger

  • Music: Feras Daouk, Laurens Desmet

  • Sound Production: Kwinten Van Laethem, Matthias van Gasse

Director Bio

Ben Asamoah

P&I - Director Bio

Ben Asamoah migrated from Ghana to the Netherlands with his mother, Dinah, when he was three years old. After two years of seeking asylum, they gained citizenship in Belgium. At RITCS film school Ben made the short documentary Black, about the Western meaning of the colour black. In his short The Rice Farmers, he follows the daily life of rice farmers in Ghana. Sakawa is Ben’s first feature documentary.




There’s a treasure trove of information to be found in the poisonous e-waste in Ghana. It’s a relatively simple matter to open hard drives and gain access to the photos and personal details of former owners. With a name and address, almost anybody can be found online. Sakawa shows the fraudulent activities of the con artists cheating wealthy westerners to escape poverty, from the perspective of Belgian-Ghanaian director Ben Asamoah, who portrays the perpetrators from his own African perspective. [18]

Sakawa is nominated for the 2019 Award for Best Documentary Feature Film.  

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