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  • Director

    Camille Budin

  • Run Time

    52 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin


  • Language


  • Director of Photography: Camille Cottagnoud

  • Editor: Annette Brütsch

  • Produced by: Luc Peter

  • Music: Costanza Francavilla

  • Screenplay by: Marianne Brun, Camille Budin

Director Bio

Camille Budin

P&I - Director Bio

Born in Paris in 1979, Camille Budin lives and works in Zürich. She studied French literature and cinema in Lyon. During her studies, she discovered creative documentaries and the work of filmmakers such as Chris Marker, Raymond Depardon and Johann Van der Keuken. For her master’s degree she directed and filmed herself in Be Free under the mentoring of filmmaker Peter Mettler, with whom she then worked on several projects.


Children of the Universe


A primary school class in the Swiss mountains embarks on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the universe, guided by the astrophysicist Stephanie Juneau.

Over the course of a week-long fun workshop on astronomy, the kids discover that every little thing – from the infinitely small to the infinitely large – is connected. Their reactions, their games and above all their innocent, often clumsy, questions inevitably refer to a bigger, almost metaphysical and universal questioning: ‘What is our place in the universe?’ Astrophysicist Mariangela Bonavita will join us after the screening for fun children’s activities. [U]

This screening will have an introduction by Noémie Mendelle, director of the Scottish Documentary Film Institute. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the children's activities planned for this screening (and advertised in our brochure) will unfortunately no longer take place.

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