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Shorts: Optics


How does cinema both reflect and distort reality in striking and unexpected ways? Taking this question as a guiding principle, Optics sets in motion a dual investigation into the power of cinematic illusion, as well as the processes and visual language behind the very creation of moving images. These shorts explore performance and its relationship to fiction, the physical and tactile methodologies implicit within analogue filmmaking, an ingenious collapsing of the distance between image and audience, and a foregrounding of the poetic moments uncovered within the everyday. 

Tomato by Mark Jenkin/UK/2017/8 mins

Monument: Parts One and Two by Tom Chick/UK/2018/15 mins

Sunstone by Filipa César, Louis Henderson/France, Portugal/2018/35 mins

Un geste d'amour by Maya Corboud/Switzerland/2017/11 mins

Smoke & Mirrors by Tris Vonna-Michell/Sweden/2018/8 mins

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