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19–30 JUNE 2019
  • Director

    Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherburne

  • Starring

    Michael Zahs, Serge Bromberg, Greg Prickman, Kathryn Fuller-Seeley, Rick Altman

  • Run Time


  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin


  • Certificate


  • Language


  • Director of Photography: John Richard

  • Editor: Tommy Haines, John Richard

  • Produced by: Andrew Sherburne

  • Music: Michael Kramer

  • Screenplay by: Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherburne, John Richard

  • Sound Production: Brandon Proctor

Director Bio

Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherburne

Tommy Haines and Andrew Sherburne are filmmakers based in Iowa (yes, Iowa). Their 2008 debut, Pond Hockey, has been dubbed “the best hockey movie ever” by ESPN. Gold Fever (2013) won the 2013 International Federation for Human Rights Film Award and has screened in 35 countries worldwide. Saving Brinton (2017), their most recent feature film, premiered at AFI Docs.


Saving Brinton

Part of the Documentaries Strand


Michael Zahs is a collector, pure and simple. Keen on generating interest in his collection of silent films – known as the Brinton collection, saved from the incinerator – he travels around to show his films and talk about their origins. A silent Georges Méliès classic film, long believed lost, about a woman with three heads was found among the collection. Film restorer Serge Bromberg views the film with excitement, and ensures the discovery is revealed at the silent film festival Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna. 

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