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Return of the Hero (Le retour du héros)

Laurent Tirard

  • 15

  • 90 mins

  • 2018

  • France

  • French (English Subtitles)

Jean Dujardin, Mélanie Laurent, Noémie Merlant

  • Director of Photography: Guillaume Schiffman

  • Editor: Yann Malcor

  • Produced by: Marc Dujardin, Olivia Lagache

  • Music: Mathieu Lamboley

  • Screenplay by: Laurent Tirard, Grégoire Vigneron

  • Production Designer: Françoise Dupertuis

  • Sound Production: Alexandre Fleurant

Director Bio

Laurent Tirard

Director Bio

Laurent Tirard is a writer and director known for Molière (2007), which received four César nominations, Little Nicholas (2009) and Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia (2004). He is also the author of two collections entitled Leçons de cinéma (published in 2004 and 2006), featuring a series of interviews with directors, including Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese and Wong Kar-Wai.


A charming comedy romp starring the ever-amusing Jean Dujardin as a swashbuckling swindler who tries to take advantage of an aristocratic family. Captain Neuville (Dujardin) vanished during one of Napoleon’s wars while engaged to Elisabeth’s (Mélanie Laurent) sister. Elisabeth forged letters from Neuville to cheer her sister up, but when a cowardly and dishevelled Neuville returns, both are caught up in the lies. Neuville wants to make money while Elisabeth tries to protect her family. A classic cat-and-mouse game ensues, with plenty of slapstick and cape-and-powder laughs.



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