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19–30 JUNE 2019
  • Director

    Gabrielle Brady

  • Starring

    Poh Lin Lee

  • Run Time


  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin

    Germany, UK, Australia

  • Certificate


  • Language

    English, French, Farsi, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese

  • Director of Photography: Michael Latham

  • Editor: Katharina Fiedler

  • Produced by: Alexander Wadouh, Samm Haillay, Alex Kelly, Gizem Acarla, Gabrielle Brady

  • Music: Aaron Cupples

  • Screenplay by: Gabrielle Brady

  • Sound Production: Leo Dolgan

Director Bio

Gabrielle Brady

Gabrielle Brady is an Australian filmmaker. She studied at the Cuban international film school (EICTV). For the past ten years, Gabrielle has travelled between Cuba, Mongolia, Indonesia, Australia and Europe. Her short film The Island (2017) was commissioned as part of the Guardian documentary series and premiered at Sheffield Festival 2017. Island of the Hungry Ghosts is her first feature film.


Island of the Hungry Ghosts

Part of the Documentaries Strand


Christmas Island is famous for one of the largest annual land migrations – that of forty million red crabs scurrying to the sea. It also houses a high-security detention facility, in which those seeking asylum in Australia are detained indefinitely. This stunning first feature by Gabrielle Brady follows trauma counsellor Poh Lin as she attempts to support detainees and explores the island’s terrain, its violent past and its inescapable present.


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