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Donal Foreman

  • 15

  • 73 mins

  • 2018

  • Ireland, USA, France

  • English, French

Arthur MacCaig

  • Director of Photography: Donal Foreman, Arthur MacCaig, Piers McGrail

  • Editor: Donal Foreman

  • Produced by: Donal Foreman

  • Music: Michael Buckley, Ohal Grietzer, Christopher Colm Morrin

  • Sound Production: Andrew Kirwan

Director Bio

Donal Foreman

Director Bio

Donal Foreman is an Irish filmmaker living in New York City. He has been making films since he was 11 years old. Since then, he has written, directed and edited two award-winning feature films and over 50 shorts. For more info, please visit


The tangled and violent history of the Northern Irish Troubles acts as an evocative backdrop for Donal Foreman’s film about his relationship with his estranged father, the late American documentarian Arthur MacCaig. Foreman grapples with his father’s legacy through MacCaig’s extensive 30-year film archive of the conflict, describing his father as “an American in Paris making films about Ireland.” Two filmmakers born into different political moments with different political stances who shared little actual time together, but are bonded by a region, social struggle and filmmaking. 

Supported by Culture Ireland as part of GB18: Promoting Irish Arts in Britain.

Culture Ireland GB18


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