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Ideal Home

Andrew Fleming

  • 15

  • 91 mins

  • 2017

  • USA

  • English

Paul Rudd, Steve Coogan, Jake McDorman

  • Director of Photography: Alexander Gruszynski

  • Editor: Jeffrey M. Werner

  • Produced by: Gabrielle Tana, Maria Teresa Arida, Clark Peterson, Aaron Ryder, Maxime Rémillard

  • Music: John Swihart

  • Screenplay by: Andrew Fleming

  • Production Designer: Tony Fanning

  • Sound Production: Gregory King


This delightful comedy balances barbed humour with treasurable feel-good moments. Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd (both magnificent) star as Erasmus and Paul, long-term lovers who live a carefree and rather wild life in Sante Fe, where Erasmus is a kitsch celebrity TV chef and Paul his long-suffering producer. When a grandson Erasmus never knew he had arrives at their home clutching a plastic bag containing cash, cocaine and a Bible, they find their lifestyle thrown into disarray. A satisfying comedy charmer.

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