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  • Director

    Priscilla Cameron

  • Starring

    Melissa George, Ed Oxenbould, Ewen Leslie, Sophie Lowe

  • Certificate


  • Run Time

    97 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin


  • Language


  • Director of Photography: Jason Hargreaves

  • Editor: Rodrigo Balart

  • Produced by: Bridget Callow-Wright

  • Music: Caitlin Yeo

  • Screenplay by: Priscilla Cameron

  • Production Designer: Charlie Shelley

  • Sound Production: Emma Bortignon

Director Bio

Priscilla Cameron

P&I - Director Bio

The Butterfly Tree is Priscilla Cameron’s debut feature film as writer/director. She has a number of projects in development, including The Breathing Sea as co-writer and director, Man-Shy as writer, Croak and Thunderbolt and I as co-writer, and TV series Group and Rodeo School as writer. Her short films have won awards, screened in national and international festivals and have been sold nationally and internationally.


The Butterfly Tree


When burlesque-performer-turned-florist Evelyn (Melissa George) arrives in an Australian town, she beguiles 13-year-old Fin (Ed Oxenbould, excellent as a troubled youngster) and his teacher father, Al (Ewen Leslie). Father and son are struggling to cope with the loss of Fin’s mother and quick to warm to Evelyn’s charms. Writer/director Priscilla Cameron’s film is rich with atmosphere and idealism, and Melissa George is charismatic as a romanticised woman who cannot live up to the expectations of men, but who represents the hope of finding a way out of sadness. 

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