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Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis

Fran Healy

  • 15

  • 59 mins

  • 2018

  • USA

  • English

Neil Primrose, Douglas Payne, Fran Healy, Andy Dunlop, Wyndham Wallace

  • Director of Photography: Cristian Pirjol

  • Editor: Sarah Iben

  • Produced by: Fran Healy, Sarah Iben

  • Music: Travis

  • Screenplay by: Sarah Iben, Wyndham Wallace

Director Bio

Fran Healy

Director Bio

Fran Healy is lead singer and songwriter for the UK band Travis. He co-directed his first music video in 2013 with acclaimed German director Wolfgang Becker. In 2016, he directed a 30-minute music video/short film for his band’s 8th album, Everything at Once.


Music journalist Wyndham Wallace has always been clear that he is not a big fan of Scottish band Travis. When lead singer Fran Healy invites Wallace to join Travis on tour in Mexico, the journalist is intrigued and bemused. After soliciting the opinion of other writers, he heads off on tour, filming fans to get their views. A delightful, warm-hearted and tuneful look at Travis, examining why their fans love them, while offering a chance to see if a critic can change his views.

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