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  • Director

    Sérgio Tréfaut

  • Certificate


  • Run Time

    61 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin


  • Language


  • Director of Photography: João Ribeiro

  • Editor: Pedro Marques

  • Produced by: Sérgio Tréfaut, Catarina Almeida

  • Music: Alfredo Costa Monteiro

  • Screenplay by: Sérgio Tréfaut

  • Sound Production: Miguel Moraes Cabral

Director Bio

Sérgio Tréfaut

P&I - Director Bio

Sérgio Tréfaut was born in Brazil in 1965. After obtaining a Master in Philosophy at the Sorbonne, he started working in Lisbon. Eventually he became a producer and a film director. His documentaries have been internationally awarded and screened in more than 40 countries.



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Present, past and future merge in the coaches of a train that crosses Eastern Europe in the 21st century, through Poland, Russia, Ukraine. The slogan of the postwar “Never Again” now sounds like a fairy tale. Everything is happening now. Everywhere. Treblinka is a film essay based on the memoirs by Chil Rajchman (Treblinka: A Survivor’s Memory), a Polish Jew who was arrested with his younger sister in 1942 and sent to Treblinka, a death camp where more than 750,000 were murdered before it was abandoned by German soldiers.

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