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    Mixed digital and 35mm

Red, White and Blue Animation

Part of the Retrospective: The Future Is History Strand


Britain, Britain, Britain. In the wake of Brexit, come to celebrate/bemoan our departure from the European Union with this dazzling collection of British animation that take a reflective look at our national identity. Our main attraction is the late, great Bob Godfrey (MBE), the first British animator to win an Academy Award for Great, released in 1975. That same year the British people also participated in a referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Economic Community. To quote Bob Godfrey: “British films made by British labour!”

Know Your Europeans: The United Kingdom by Bob Godfrey/UK/1994/6 mins

Britannia by Joanna Quinn/UK/1993/5 mins

Britain by Bexie Bush/UK/2011/3 mins

My Dad by Marcus Armitage/UK/2014/6 mins

Dad's Dead by Chris Shepherd/UK/2003/7 mins

Polygamous Polonius Revisited by Bob Godfrey/UK/1985/8 mins

The Emperor by Elizabeth Hobbs/UK/2001/5 mins

Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) by Bob Godfrey/UK/1975/30 mins

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