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Rage (Ikari)

Part of the World Perspectives Strand

Sang-il Lee

  • PG

  • 142 mins

  • 2016

  • Japan

  • Japanese

Ken Watanabe, Mirai Moriyama, Kenichi Matsuyama, Go Ayano, Aoi Miyazaki, Takara Sakumoto

  • Director of Photography: Norimichi Kasamatsu

  • Editor: Tsuyoshi Imai

  • Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto

  • Screenplay by: Sang-il Lee

Director Bio

Sang-il Lee

Director Bio

Lee studied at the Japan Academy of Moving Images. His graduation film, “Chong” (1999) won awards in four categories at the Pia Film Festival in 2000, serving as his directorial debut. It was “Hula Girls” (2007) that made him stand out. The film monopolized domestic film awards, winning Best Film at the 30th Japan Academy Awards.


Director Sang-il Lee’s follow-up to his acclaimed Unforgiven is a powerful and absorbingly complex ensemble thriller that is haunted by an undercurrent of violence which could emerge at any moment. The film opens with a murdered couple and the word 'rage' written in blood on the wall. The killer remains at large and, a year later, the film charts three seemingly unrelated stories all featuring suspicious and enigmatic characters, with the dark layers slowly peeling back. Great performances and a striking atmosphere combined give rage a powerfully dark tone.

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