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BOTF: THE THE: Infected & The Inertia Variations

Part of the Best of the Fest Strand

Johanna St Michaels (The Inertia Variations), Peter Christopherson, Alastair McIlwain, Tim Pope, Mark Romanek

  • 12A

  • 85 mins

  • 2017

  • Sweden, UK

  • English, Swedish

Matt Johnson

  • Director of Photography: Johanna St Michaels (The Inertia Variations), Chris Ashbrook (Infected)

  • Editor: Johan Löfstedt (The Inertia Variations), Bob Dent, Peter Goddard, Philip Richardson, Mark Romanek (Infected)

  • Produced by: Johanna St Michaels

  • Music: Matt Johnson, THE THE

  • Sound Production: Christian Christensen, Patrik Strömdahl

Director Bio

Johanna St Michaels (The Inertia Variations), Peter Christopherson, Alastair McIlwain, Tim Pope, Mark Romanek

Director Bio

Johanna St Michaels is an award-winning filmmaker. She studied at the School of Visual Art in New York City and has a Master’s degree in fine art photography from the University of Gothenburg. Her company Saint Michaels Production produces documentaries, experimental films and art installations with an emphasis on intensely personal stories and mixed media art.

Tim Pope is best known for being The Cure's almost exclusive music video director. Mark Romanek is an American director known for One Hour Photo (2002) and Never Let Me Go (2010).


THE THE: Infected
Released at the height of the MTV era, Johnson’s screen accompaniment to THE THE's stunning album of the same name is a vital piece of 1980s British art. Featuring the work of four directors and locations including Peru, Bolivia and New York, the project saw Johnson embark on an epic artistic adventure in an attempt to match his music visually. The enduring power of Infected – The Movie lies in the intense, dangerous passion that Johnson invested in it at the time.

The Inertia Variations
Taking its inspiration from the poem of the same name by John Tottenham, Johanna St Michaels’ The Inertia Variations is a deep, moving, and meaningful insight into the life and work of THE THE's Matt Johnson. This endearingly candid picture of the enigmatic Johnson finds him valiantly exposing his heart on his sleeve as he extracts himself from the clutches of creative inertia, St Michaels turning his hesitation at the artistic crossroads into a compelling work of conceptual art in its own right.

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