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BOTF: The Farthest

Part of the Best of the Fest Strand

Emer Reynolds

  • PG

  • 121 mins

  • 2016

  • Ireland

  • English

Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco, John Casani

  • Director of Photography: Kate McCullough

  • Editor: Tony Cranstoun

  • Produced by: John Murray, Clare Stronge

  • Music: Ray Harman

  • Screenplay by: Emer Reynolds

  • Production Designer: Joe Fallover

  • Sound Production: Steve Fanagan

Director Bio

Emer Reynolds

Director Bio

Emer Reynolds is a multi-award winning documentary director and feature film editor. Based in Dublin, Emer most recently directed 'Here Was Cuba' a feature documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the past she has won four IFTA awards for Best Editing, including documentary ‘One Million Dubliners’ and feature films 'Timbuktu', 'My Brothers' and Channel 4's groundbreaking drama series 'Shameless'.


Emer Reynolds’ mesmerising documentary follows the amazing story of the Voyager 1 mission, the first man-made object to leave our solar system and head off into deep space. Through a series of warm and generous interviews with scientists involved in the mission, the story of Voyager 1, and remembrances of the Golden Record bearing recordings (notoriously including a Chuck Berry song) and images of life on Earth, the tale of this incredible achievement is detailed in a magnificent documentary that is nothing less than memorable.

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