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    Mixed digital and analogue

Black Box Shorts: (Dis)appearances

Part of the Black Box Strand


Suspended between appearing and disappearing, presence and absence, the legible and the illegible, the films showcased here explore perceptual limits and the spaces between. A gradually deteriorating VHS tape, fragments of old colour 16mm film stock, traces of memory, glimpses of light and shadow, forms emerging and dissolving – our attention is moved from the figurative to the abstract, finding focus and then losing it again.

Contains flashing images.

Answer Print by Mónica Savirón/USA/2016/5 mins

Degrees of Separation by Bea Haut/UK/2017/3 mins

Deletion by Esther Urlus/Netherlands/2017/12 mins

Double Dapple by Mary Stark, David Chatton Barker/UK, Canada/2016/3 mins

Einst by Jessica Johnson/Canada/2016/12 mins

Finding Focus by Laura Hindmarsh/UK, Australia/2016/5 mins

Fuddy Duddy by Siegfried Fruhauf/Austria/2016/6 mins

Girl Becomes Snow by Ryan Betschart, Tyler Betschart/USA/2017/8 mins

¡PíFIES! by Ignacio Tamarit/Argentina/2016/4 mins

THE SEPARATION by John Woodman/UK/2016/6 mins


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