Scottish Film Talent Network

Funded by BFI and Creative Scotland, The Scottish Film Talent Network (SFTN) will discover, nurture and progress new and emerging filmmaking talent across Scotland.

Launching Autumn 2014, this innovative programme will provide a clear ladder of progression from shorts to first feature, offering significant support for individual film projects and personal skills development.

SFTN's core activities will provide opportunities for all levels of new and emerging talent, from those looking to secure their first short film commission, to those almost ready to start seeking finance on their first feature.

About the Scottish Film Talent Network

The Scottish Film Talent Network consortium has been awarded the contract by Creative Scotland to deliver the Scottish element of the BFI NET.WORK.

The BFI NET.WORK is connecting the UK’s premier film talent development agencies for the first time, bringing together experienced development teams and talent centres to offer hands-on and holistic development opportunities for promising UK writers, directors and producers who are yet to make their first feature film.

The SFTN consortium comprises the Centre for the Moving Image (CMI), DigiCult and Hopscotch Films.

All enquiries relating to the SFTN should be sent to

About the BFI NET.WORK

Across the rest of the UK, the BFI NET.WORK partners include Creative England, Film Agency for Wales and Northern Ireland Screen. Film London will also deliver a number of targeted development programmes in the capital.

Each organisation has executives with specific responsibility for working with new and emerging filmmakers, with the ability to apply resources to script development, short filmmaking and other bespoke development needs. Details of opportunities available to new and emerging talent nationwide can be found on their respective websites:

Creative England 
Film Agency for Wales 
Film London is also providing additional support for filmmakers based in the capital.
Northern Ireland Screen 

In spring 2015, the NET.WORK Online will offer more opportunities for new filmmakers to share their work with each other and to industry professionals.

Further information on the BFI NET.WORK can be found here:


Who is the Scottish Film Talent Network for?

The SFTN is aimed at both new and emerging talent based in Scotland.

New talent are those filmmakers who have so far done very little but who are looking for opportunities to prove themselves and to develop their filmmaking voice. They may have made a self-funded short or written a screenplay but probably haven’t yet produced work of a quality that has attracted financial support from within the industry.

Emerging talent are those filmmakers who have acquired some professional skills and will have made work of a certain level but who have not yet made a feature. Writers may have written successfully produced short films, plays or television content. Directors may have a track record in short film, television, theatre or music promos and may now be looking for guidance and support towards making their first feature film.

Here are some bullet points to help differentiate between new and emerging talent:

New talent
• have little or no professional experience.
• have some track record in self-funded films, in student films or in other screen-based or related media (theatre, radio, visual arts etc) but whose work has yet to attract attention and/or significant support from within the film industry.

Emerging talent
• have already acquired some professional experience.
• have produced work which has already received positive industry and/or public attention.
• have not yet written or directed a produced feature film.


SFTN Opportunities

The following opportunities will be available through the SFTN:

  • Short film development and production for new talent
  • Short film development and production for emerging talent with a feature film project to develop
  • Feature film script development and packaging
  • Professional development support for emerging Scottish based Writers, Directors and Producers to attend talent labs and initiatives delivered by International Festivals such as Rotterdam, Berlin, Toronto, Annecy

Guidelines and details of the individual programmes and related deadlines will be available from October 2014.

Further information

Please forward all SFTN related enquiries to

For updates please also follow us on on the twitter account - @SFTNetwork



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