Access: EIFF Passholders
Thursday 22 June

16:30-17:45 (Traverse Theatre 2) How to (Net)work a Film Festival – programmers and festival veterans discuss networking etiquette, the do’s and don’ts of approaching people and general advice on how to make the most of being at a festival.

Friday 23 June

17:30-18:30 (Traverse Theatre 2) Pitching Workshop with David Pope - learn about the art and craft of selling stories!

Saturday 24 June

12:00-13:30 (Traverse Theatre 2) advance films Present: Pitch First Features - advance films hosts an opportunity for filmmakers to pitch their fiction feature film projects to a panel of industry professionals.

17:00-18:15 (Traverse Theatre 2) Character Assassination – Is Character King/Queen? How do you approach character development differently in documentary, in fiction, or in animation? Come hear three very different filmmakers talk about developing stories and characters and what strategies they use to attract audiences and support from the industry.

Sunday 25 June

13:15-14:30 (Traverse Theatre 1) Women in Film & TV UK presents: Women’s Intuition - Does gender inform and influence the work of women filmmakers?

Monday 26 June

10:30-12:00 (Traverse Theatre 1) DISTRIBUTION REWIRED: How to Make Films Visible - This panel will address the question of how to make your film stand out in a sea of content. What marketing, exhibition and distribution are being used to best effect?

13:30-15:30 (Traverse Theatre 1) DISTRIBUTION REWIRED Roundtables: Meet the Experts - This sign-up session will offer a number of roundtable discussions with representatives from a variety of companies to answer your questions about distribution.

17:00-18:15 (Traverse Theatre 1) DISTRIBUTION REWIRED: The role of film exhibitors in new models of distribution - With filmmakers and producers exploring new models of distribution and challenging traditional notions of how to build an audience for their films.

Tuesday 27 June

14:00-15:15 (Traverse Theatre 2) DISTRIBUTION REWIRED: Funding panelA marketing and distribution strategy should be developed as early as possible alongside the development of your project. What public funding is available to you, and for what stage?

Wednesday 28 June

17:00-18:15 (Traverse Theatre 2) Creative Europe’s European Funding Stories - International co-production and financing is an increasingly prevalent way of funding a film but one not without its challenges.

Thursday 29 June

17:00-18:15 (Traverse Theatre 2) Survival of the Fittest - The successes and setbacks of production, from initial commission to final broadcast - and everything in between.

Friday 30 June

16:30-18:00 (Traverse Theatre 1) Write4Film - How easy is it to transition from one writing medium to another? Does a great play or novel always make a great screenplay? And how does the development process differ across different writing forms?