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As we enter the second week of EIFF, we have more recommendations from Filmhouse.

Filmhouse Recommends is a series of trusted recommendations for you, Filmhouse members and fans.

Whether you're overwhelmed by choice or just want a hand-picked selection straight from the Filmhouse team, you've come to the right place.

Here are the films from the Filmhouse Recommends series so far that have second screenings this week!


Stations of the Cross – Monday 23 June, 6pm at Cineworld

My Name is Salt – Monday 23 June, 6.20pm at Cineworld & Tuesday 24 June, 6.10pm at Cineworld

Sorrow & Joy – Monday 23 June, 8.15pm at Odeon & Tuesday 24 June, 8.45pm at Cineworld

Life May Be – Monday 23 June, 8.20pm at Cineworld

Cold in July – Monday 23 June, 8.45pm at Filmhouse

Hassan's Way – Monday 23 June, 9pm at Cineworld 

Displaced Perssons – Friday 27 June, 6.10pm at Cameo

In Order of Disappearance – Friday 27 June, 8.40pm at Cineworld

Doc of the Dead – Saturday 28 June, 6.15pm at Odeon

Stray Dogs – Sunday 29 June, 5.50pm at Cineworld


Check out the full selection and keep an eye out for upcoming Filmhouse recommendations over here.

Follow @Filmhouse and @edfilmfest on Twitter for updates, and tweet us your recommendations using #edfilmfest.

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