Throwback Thursday: Tilda Swinton at EIFF, 1987 –

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EIFF Patron Tilda Swinton is an Oscar-winning actress, and arguably one of the most prolific of our time. Her history of appearances at the Festival is a long and storied one. Today we're celebrating two of her latest screen gems, The Grand Budapest Hotel (released last week) and The Zero Theorem (released tomorrow) with a trip down memory lane.

It all began at EIFF 1987. In what was only Tilda's first appearance at the Festival, she made an immediate and great first impression by featuring on the programme cover and appearing in three separate films: two gala films, The Last of England and Aria, as well as Friendship's Death.

A few years later, in 1990, Tilda also appeared in the Festival programme for her work on the small screen. That year, EIFF hosted a special screening of all six episodes of John Byrne's beloved television series Your Cheatin' Heart (Byrne's follow-up to Tutti Frutti).

The following year, at EIFF 1991, Tilda joined her famed collaborator, director Derek Jarman, onstage for his EIFF masterclass. Tilda being Tilda, that wasn't all – she was also visiting for the Gala screening of Jarman's Edward II.

Though she visited a few more times, the next step in our journey is 10 years later. In 2001, the same year she appeared in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, Tilda visited EIFF for the Gala screening of The Deep End, a crime thriller about a woman who spirals out of control while trying to keep her son from being found culpable in a murder investigation.

In 2003, Tilda proved her fantastic film choices, appearing in her third EIFF film that went on to win the Michael Powell Award. This time it was with Scottish director David Mackenzie for the Michael Powell Award-winning film Young Adam, in which she starred alongside Ewan McGregor. Here we have some archive photos of Tilda accepting the Award at the EIFF 2003 Awards Ceremony.

Two years later, in 2005, the soon-to-be Patron visited Edinburgh once again, this time for the Gala screening of Indie hit Thumbsucker, directed by Mike Mills. It wasn't long until we made it official in 2007. In the year that Tilda won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Michael Clayton, she also became a Patron of EIFF. At the Festival, she participated in an In Person interview with Artistic Director Hannah McGill.

Finally, but certainly not for the last time, at EIFF 2010 Tilda took part in a 300-strong flash mob which she organised alongside her friend and collaborator, and former Artistic Director, Mark Cousins. The soft-shoe shuffle dance, made famous by Laurel and Hardy, brought EIFF out of the cinemas and onto Festival Square next door to our home at Edinburgh Filmhouse.

TIlda Swinton is still a Patron of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and you can catch her starring on screen this week in Wes Anderson's latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, as well as in director Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem.

See the full archive of images on our TBT Tilda Swinton album over on Facebook.

What's your favourite memory of Tilda at EIFF? Tell us in comments or Tweet us @edfilmfest!

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