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With EIFF 2013 taking over Filmhouse, we've come up with a way to share Festival recommendations especially for our Filmhouse members...

Since Filmhouse won't have any of its own screenings on over the next eleven days, Rod White, Head of Filmhouse, and his team are keen to get stuck into the EIFF programme and recommend films especially for our Filmhouse regulars.

"These will be films we've already seen and loved, ones we think our regulars would want to see too," said Rod.

"Our initial intention was to choose one film a day, but, after a brief look at the first full day of screenings, we realised that we were never going to be able to agree on just one, so we're going for three a day instead!

"We hope you'll agree with our picks, and look forward to hearing your feedback!"

The Filmhouse team will post each day's choices 24 hours in advance on their Facebook page and on Twitter, giving you plenty of time to plan your viewing.

Without further ado, here are the Filmhouse recommendations for tomorrow, Thursday 20 June!

1. Sofia's Last Ambulance

2. What Maisie Knew

3. Paris Countdown

As always, share your picks of the Festival using the hashtag #edfilmfest.

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