"One Mile Away" Receives National Attention

2012 EIFF Winner of the Michael Powell award - "One Mile Away" is currently being featured in numerous print and television news, as former gang members found a social enterprise to discourage young people from gang life.

Winner of the 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival's Michael Powell award for the Best British Feature Film "One Mile Away" has recently been gaining lots of national coverage. "One Mile Away" premiered last week in Birmingham where it got a fantastic reception at the post-screening followed by a brilliant Q&A.

On 2 April, BBC Breakfast featured members of the documentary, Dylan Duffus and Zimbo Freemind as well as director Penny Woolcock, in a discussion on the importance of the film and its spotlight on inner city gang culture in Birmingham. This Award Winning film documents the journey to peace between two of the biggest gangs in the country: the 'Burgers' and 'Johnsons'. Due to the success of the film, the former 'Burgers' and 'Johnsons' gang members have come together to found a social enterprise, which runs programmes that discourage young people from gang life; this ensures that the underlying message of the film continues.

The 2012 EIFF jury previously stated that "One Mile Away" is a "brave and honest film tackling a huge problem with sensitivity and skill, not only charting the efforts to reconcile a community but also showing the great wealth of creativity that is part of that struggle." The film is available to stream from the "One Mile Away" website, and is screening nationally at select cinemas. (See links below)

There is also a Kickstarter campaign currently raising funds to get the film into the hands of inner city youth, prison offenders, and schools and to the people who govern their lives; police, prison guards and politicians. All pledges, no matter how small, will help reach the £20k goal. The unique feature of this crowd-funding site is that unless you make your whole total, you come away with none of the money - so it is essential to break the £20k goal

Here at EIFF, we are delighted to celebrate the coverage on this film and encourage you donate to this life changing campaign.

For more information about the film and links to the documentary, please follow the links below:

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The Financial Times? Gang of One

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The Guardian Society shows exactly where Kickstarter donations are going

The Observer Peace on the Streets?

The Times The woman who took on the gangs – and won

The Telegraph Give Peace a Chance

To download, stream or visit a screening of the film

Download or Stream the film online at
To find a local screening of the film at a cinema, please click here

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, please click here

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