Catch the final five Shinji Somai restrospective screenings while you can

This week, Artistic Director Chris Fujiwara declared the Shinji Somai retrospective a success.

With five films still to screen in the selection this week, this may be your last chance to catch a Somai film at the cinema for some time.

Much admired in Japan, Somai's films are only beginning to receive attention overseas. EIFF is proud to host the first full retrospective of his work outside of Japan.

The beloved director's films focus on adolescence. Throughout his visually striking and emotionally powerful works, young people test their capacities while discovering the unreliable nature of adult society.

The Terrible Couple (Tonda kappuru) - 28 June
Revisit the longings of your younger years with this, Shinji Somai's first feature, in which a studious young student is forced, through a clerical error, to share a house with the prettiest girl in school. This may sound great, but it's an arrangement that could mean expulsion if he is found out.

Tokyo Heaven (Tokyo joku irasshaimase) - 29 June
Fantasy and realism meet in Tokyo Heven, in which a pampered young model is killed in a traffic accident. But, given the chance to return to earth, she becomes involved with the advertising executive who is trying to cover up her death.

Wait and See (Ah, haru) - 30 June
Messy family lives are explored in Wait and See. A salaryman faces a major life change as his firm undergoes financial difficulties. To add to his troubles, a man claiming to be his long-estranged father shows up at his house requesting shelter. What would you do?

Love Hotel (Rabu hoteru) - 30 June
Love, violence, and melancholy about in Love Hotel where, after witnessing the rape of his wife, a man’s mind snaps and he attacks a prostitute. Two years later, the man and the prostitute meet by chance. This a subversive mood piece has an unforgettable melancholy atmosphere.

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun (Sera-fuku to kikanju) - 1 July
Don't believe everything Tarantino has taught you - see another side to the yakuza lifestyle from a high-school girl who inherits a declining yakuza organisation which seeks to repair its fortunes under her leadership. A mixture of deadpan comedy and outlandish action, Sailor Suit and Machine Gun was a smash hit in Japan. Join the generation of young Japanese women grew up reciting lines from this wee gem.

Hear Chris Fujiwara's highlights in the video above, and don't forget to check out the Gregory La Cava retrospective too.

All tickets for the Shinji Somai retrospective are a special price of £7 (£6 concessions). Tickets for all of these films are available to book online, in person at the Filmhouse box office, and by phone on 0131 623 8030.

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