Pathways: Around the World in 8 Movies

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Taking you around the world in 8 films, all screening this Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June at EIFF

The Search for Emak Bakia - Friday 29 June
The journey is more important than the destination. Join filmmaker Oskar Alegria on his journey in search of the meaning behind the 1926 cinepoem filmed by Man Ray in the southeast of France named Emak Bakia - a Basque expression which means 'Leave me alone'. 

Anton Corbijn: Inside Out - Friday 29 June (20:40)
Netherlands, Ireland, Flanders
Aan intimate and revealing view of the life and creativity of the celebrated photographer and filmmaker.

Saudade - Friday 29 June
Take a bold look at racial tensions and economic woes in a multi-ethnic Japan rarely seen in films. Set in a small city in Yamanashi prefecture, meet a group of disparate people including a Japanese hip-hop singer and part-time construction worker, his Thai girlfriend, and a Japanese-Brazilian hip-hop group.

The Unspeakable Act - Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June
Adolescent anxiety inspires a “love that dare not speak its name” in Dan Sallitt’s frank and patient family drama that tells the story of a love between siblings.

It Looks Prety From a Distance - Friday 29 & Saturday 30 June
Life is perfunctory in a small rural Polish village, with the inhabitants co-existing in a social if not so friendly manner. But when one of the residents disappears overnight...

Demain? - Saturday 30 June
France, Portugal
Free and graceful filmmaking creates something mysterious and wonderful as a poem. Find yourself on a journey from France tp Portugal and beyond in celebration of the short, passionate life of Uruguyan poet Delmira Agustini.

Attractive Illusion - Saturday 30 June
Greece, Nigeria
In search of a better life, a boatful of Nigerians wash up on the shores of Greece and head for Athens to embark upon a precarious new life.

The Orator - Saturday 30 June
New Zealand, Samoa
In the first feature film in Samoan, The Orator’s stately pacing and lush sense of atmosphere is coupled with gorgeous cinematography from Kiwi DoP Leon Narbey (Whale Rider) to make for entrancing cinema.

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