Pathways: Across the Southern Hemisphere

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With a huge International programme at this year's Fest, we hone in on some gems from the Southern Hemisphere

Buenas Noches, España - 27 June
A shared feature between the Philippines and Spain, this feature addresses the shared history of these two countries through the idea of time travel. If you liked The Motorcycle Diaries, enjoy this experimental psychedelic road movie by one of the new Philippine cinema’s youngest and most acclaimed directors.

Riding Zorro (Montando al zorro) - 27 & 28 June
Anyone who has read Hemingway knows that there are aficionados, and there are aficionados. this documentary from the South American country of Argentina recounts the life of 'El Zorro', a legendary untameable horse of the pampas. Using testimonies from those who attempted to ride the wily horse and those who witnessed the attempts the filmmaker generates both a strong narrative momentum and a deep empathy with the proud horse.

Amateur - 29 June
Visit Argentina to meet real-life dentist by trade, Jorge Mario, who has numerous hobbies and one real passion: the cinema. This documentary serves as an affectionate homage to the vanishing culture of popular cinephilia, taking a look at Jorge's films made in Super 8, graduating from home movies to narrative films. One for the cinephiles.

Musica Campesina (Country Music) - 29 & 30 June
From films about film to films about music, Country Music is a portrait of cultures which sees its lead, a Chilean Johnny Cash fan, dumped by his American girlfriend while on a road trip. Finding himself down and out in Nashville becomes a lonely life in which his only release is in the music he loves. A funny and touching for your Friday evening.

The Orator - 28 & 30 June
The Orator is one of a kind. This feature from New Zealand and Samoa is In the first feature film in Samoan. With gorgeous cinematography from Kiwi Director of Photography Leon Narbey (Whale Rider), its stately pacing and lush sense of atmosphere make for entrancing cinema.

Family Shorts - 30 June & 1 July
This creative selection of shorts for all the family features the Scottish Premiere of Abiogenesis - a breathtaking science fiction spectacle in a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate planet and sets in motion a startling transformation. Made by Kiwi Richard Mans, it kicks off this shorts programme, which also features Sonny, My Older Brother by fellow New Zealander Tammy Davis. Both are nominated for nominated for the award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Tickets for all of these films and events are available to book online, in person at the Filmhouse box office, and by phone on 0131 623 8030.

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