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The First Minister and Edinburgh International Film Festival announce Disney-Pixar’s “Brave” premiere for closing night of 66th EIFF

First Minister Alex Salmond and Chris Fujiwara, Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival, have announced that the much anticipated Disney-Pixar animated film “Brave”, which is set in mythical Scotland and features some of the UK’s best-loved stars, will receive a glittering European premiere in Edinburgh, on the closing night of the 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival.
The red carpet will be rolled out at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre for a host of stars and filmmakers on 30th June when the animated tale of a courageous Scottish heroine is unveiled.
The First Minister made the announcement about the premiere during his speech at VisitScotland’s Winning Years Conference in Perth today.

Mr Salmond told an audience of tourism specialists, operators and business people assembled to discuss how they could maximise promotional activity by focusing on major events and milestones in the next few years: “I am delighted to announce that Hollywood will roll into town during the Edinburgh International Film Festival when we host the European premiere of “Brave”. This will present us with an immense opportunity when Scotland will be centre stage in the film with all the tourism and business opportunities this will bring. I fully expect that as the film launches across the world, so will awareness of Scotland increase.

The announcement comes just days after VisitScotland revealed it had joined forces with Disney-Pixar in a campaign which is designed to promote Scottish tourism across the world and bring a boost to the Scottish economy.

The premiere will provide a showpiece finale for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and will set the scene for the UK launch of the movie in August.

Chris Fujiwara, Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival, said: “We're delighted to host the premiere of Brave and continue the Festival’s long relationship with Disney. Though we are an international film festival, we're mindful that we have a special responsibility to Scotland's cinematic image. It makes perfect sense that this film, which is so strongly tied to the cultural mythology of Scotland and the beauty of the Scottish landscape, and in which Scottish talent has such a significant involvement, should be part of our festival.”

Mr Salmond continued:

“Brave will be the most high-profile film ever set in, and themed around, Scotland, featuring Scottish stars. We are looking at a film which comes from the award-winning team behind such box office smashes as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Up, and will create global buzz when it is released.

Mike Cantlay, VisitScotland Chairman added: “When better than in the Year of Creative Scotland and where better than right here on Scottish soil to launch Brave for the first time in Europe. The film will showcase the scenery, humour and culture of Scotland and we are looking forward to converting cinema-goers into visitors.”

The Winning Years conference brought together tourism industry representatives to consider opportunities being presented by a number of world scale events taking place in Scotland during 2012 to 2014.

The First Minister added:

“The Winning Years offer an unprecedented opportunity for Scotland to grow tourism, stimulate the economy and position itself on the global stage.

“The cumulative effect of the opportunities on offer over this concentrated period of time are significant, making possible a step change for Scottish tourism that will bring the growth that the industry has been striving to achieve through difficult economic times. Never will Scotland receive so much global coverage in such a concentrated time span and never will Scots have had such an opportunity to demonstrate their warmth and sense of pride.”

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  • Robin Pendrigh Tuesday 13th March, 2012 / 13:54 GMT

    Great to hear this. We need a film of this stature to restore a bit of lustre to the festival. It's a positve sign that the fest is going in the right direction. I'm looking forward to it greatly but for all that is good and holy please, please don't show this at the Festival Theatre. It's just no bloody good as a cinema. You need to get back to Cineworld.
  • Jenny Hazel Thursday 15th March, 2012 / 09:20 GMT

    Cineworld? Noooo! Why not one of our independent cinemas which have atmosphere and support the local economy?
  • Ross Coulter Thursday 15th March, 2012 / 13:18 GMT

    And I'd do anything to get a ticket for this!
  • Robin Pendrigh Thursday 15th March, 2012 / 15:28 GMT

    Cineworld may well be a bland box of a cinema but it's far better than the deeply inadequate Festival Theatre. I'd be happy enough to see this at The Cameo, Filmhouse or Dominion (the first 2 of which will certainly be used throughout the fest) If the Odeon was still going in Clerk St that would have been ideal or may be even the old ABC in Lothian Road (never actually been in it since it was done up by Odeon) sadly though Cineworld or one of the other multiplexes offers the capacity and techincal facilities to do a film like this justice. The FT isn't a cinema and just doesn't work as one.
  • Rick Instrell Monday 19th March, 2012 / 20:36 GMT

    The last EIFF film I saw at FT was the most uncomfortable 2 hours I have ever spent in a cinema. I had back pain for 2 weeks! Please drop this as a venue until the seating is replaced.

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