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An introduction to the Sound Tracks strand, with guest recommendations from Ed Stack at Ten Tracks

Sound Tracks is a new initiative from the Edinburgh International Film Festival - a compelling, instructive and joyous jamboree of all things music on film.

With a host of over 30 events including screenings, training, seminars, live demonstrations, networking opportunities, gigs, and parties, Sound Tracks brings together music fans with an interest in film and film fans who love music. It’s a one-stop shop for interesting, rewarding and sustainable events for those who get out and about in Edinburgh.

Sound Tracks began as an animated discussion with Domino about the lack of opportunity for musicians and filmmakers to network, and the keen awareness of musicians that the film is a valid and creative platform for their work. This electrifying conversation kick-started the Sound Track extravaganza you see today.

“It’s been terrifically exciting working on this initiative with Domino and our other partners”. commented James Mullighan, Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. “This is a great opportunity for anyone who works with film music, or wishes to. It’s a full-blown music on film festival, within our Festival”.

Ed Stack, Director of Ten Tracks, one of EIFF’s official Sound Tracks partners, said that, “We hope the Film Festival is a new platform for us to reach outside the usual gig-going community and hopefully impress and inspire some people who would usually prefer the cinema to engage the live setting too, via some great live and electronic music and, of course, the work of our selected VJs.”

Top events at Sound Tracks include:

An Evening with Chemikal Underground
Responsible for launching artists such as Mogwai, Interpol, Arab Strap, De Rosa and The Phantom Band, Chemikal Underground, in partnership with Thinksync, present The Unwinding Hours and special guests RM Hubbert and Human Don't Be Angry.

Domino: Cut & Paste
Responsible for artists such as The Kills, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, join one of Scotland’s most innovative record labels and publishing houses for for this inventive event. Join Domino’s Head of Synchronisation, Lynden Campbell, as she edits Domino music to film whilst talking through the pitch process from the perspective of an in- house synchronisation team. Alongside Music Supervisor Vicki Williams and musician Steve Mason (formerly of King Biscuit Time, Black Affair and The Beta Band), Lynden will then invite a frank discussion about what music rights holders and film producers demand from music uses in film, commercials, games and TV.

Shadow Shows
This audio-visual collaboration between musicians Pram and visual artist Scott Johnston (Film Ficciones) presents a non-narrative dream landscape, incorporating techniques of early cinema and shadow play. The original music score and sound effects are performed live by Pram (Domino Records) as hidden conspirators behind a giant film screen, occasionally glimpsed as shadowy figures incorporated into its fractured scheme of images, creating a dreamlike illustrated forest landscape into which Shadow Shows invites the audience.

Ten Tracks: Music Pictures
In association with EIFF, the music download portal Ten Tracks invited filmmakers to visually interpret ten of their best tracks. Take a look at the winning films, selected by the creators of the music, with live accompaniment by each of the artists.

Ed from Ten Tracks recommends:

Opening Night - Club Night: Thursday 16 June
We’re proud to be presenting the director of Mixcloud and accomplished DJ (Sketchy) alongside Edinburgh's own Bad Larry DJ, professor and creator of some of the most memorable parties Edinburgh has ever seen, including birthday cakes the size of rooms and containing smaller birthday cakes; raffle ticket-distributing indoor helicopters – not to mention an unbeatable ear for an off-kilter floor-filler, honed over 10 years building of the city's staunchly independent Forest Cafe. If this wasn't enough, foremost Glasgow house DJs Men & Machines are closing the night.

Unique Beats - Club Night: Thursday 21 June
For some of Scotland's most talented musicians (Frogpocket Asthmatic Astronaut), visualists (Somni Collective) and conceptual cross-artform artists (Sink), just beginning to emerge from the DIY scene with recent signings and higher profile events, it is appropriate and exciting that the clubs are taking place in Teviot 'Underground'. Given the 'radical-centrist' political opposition to our music pricing model, thematically, to mention a certain Polish director in this context is not going too far... but we do have a terrible habit of stretching the imagination.

Hijack - Club Night: Wednesday 22 June
A DJ battle of Hijack head honcho Charlie Knox (aka Truman Data) versus 'blitzkreig' live band Tokamak. Surrender to a complete audio-visual clubbing experience alongside EIFF’s top talent, industry folk and passionate film buffs at Festivalhouse@Teviot as they let themselves go after hours.

For the full Sound Tracks line-up, check out the Sound Tracks strand page.

RSVP and invite your friends to the Sound Tracks Facebook event page.


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