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A brand new strand at EIFF seeks to explore the human brain through the medium of film. Join us on a journey through time, space, and the brilliant minds of Reel Science

The Machine in the Ghost: Neurophilosophy on Film
Philosphy of neuroscience is explored through the medium of cult film and the experiences of a jazz musician. Join this unique event as neuropsychologist Dr Paul Broks studies notions of personal identity and consciousness. Offering insights into the nature of memory, Broks' insights are by turns unsettling and inspirational. The event will close with a glimpse of Chariots of Fire director Hugh Hudson's latest film.

Dead Island Trailer
A must for gamers who love film, film buffs who love video games, and anyone who loves music. The hard-hitting Dead Island video game trailer lit up the internet earlier this year, hitting number one on the iTunes soundtracks chart. We invite its composer, Giles Lamb of Salvas, to perform the track live, followed by a debate on the transformative affect of music and the ultimate question: Are games the new movies? 

Brain Disorder: The Electric Mind
Following the lives of four patients with brain disorders, director Harel examines the application of controversial medical technologies. The film will be followed by an in-depth discussion around our understanding of how electric manipulation of our minds has progressed so far, and how its future might unfold.

Neuroscience at the Movies: Brainstorm
Natalie Woods stars alongside Christopher Walken in her last film in which scientists have developed the Hat: a helmet that allows sensations to be read from a person’s brain and written to tape so that others can experience them. Using the film to kick off the Reel Science strand, it will ignite a discussion with Professor Stephen Lawrie of the University of Edinburgh's Centre of Clinical Brain Sciences on the ethics and verity of neurological science in film. 

Oi! Get Your Grubby Hands Out of My Brain
bThis Another cult masterpiece ushers in a scientific debate which tackles some of the most burning ethical issues of our time. Focussing on the increasing affordability of the FMRI scanner and the commercial application of neuroimaging, would you wish to know you’ll develop alzheimers in 20 years? How can marketers more accurately offer products and services based on neural profiling? Will employers weed out applicants, based on brain scans?lah

New Media Scotland Atmosphere 5 | The Eyes of Laura Mars
This exclusive screening at Inspace captures the extreme beauty of stylised violence by and against women through the lens of fashion photographer Laura Mars' camera. Though her shoots can stop traffic on Broadway, Mars suddenly experiences startling visions of murder and mayhem. Perfect for a scissor thriller romance.

Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone on 0131 228 2688 or in person at Filmhouse and Festivalhouse@Teviot.

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