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Are the best ideas borrowed? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Or just standing on the shoulders of giants? Whether regarded as plagiarism or homage, EIFF offers several superb reinterpretations

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project
Kornél Mundruczó’s (Johanna EIFF 2005) contemporary sequel to Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece follows an orphan newly arrived in Budapest in search of his creator. Emotionally unprepared and adrift in a hostile environment, his unknown powers are unleashed on an unsuspecting population.

James M.Cain’s much adapted The Postman Always Rings Twice is also relocated to Hungary. This neo-noir selected by Béla Tarr may emulate the monochrome palette of its predecessors but Fehér’s focus on instinctual fears and ‘found’ film techniques ensure this is an edgy reimagining.

Animated Mythologies
Timeless tales reanimated by a variety of international short filmmakers. Storytelling is not just for children and the playful approach of these fables to reality hint at darker matters in a manner that will capture the imagination of the worldly wise.

English children’s classic, The Borrowers, about the miniature occupants to be found beneath the floorboards of the average household is given an anime makeover by Studio Ghibli. Headstrong Arriety and her father Pod form a bond with poorly human Sho who attempts to help them escape extinction.

Realms of the Unreal
Folklore retold, polished and reenergised for the silver screen by active imaginations. Whether it is a young girl waiting for her father to return from sea, or found sleepwalking in the wilderness, old themes gain new significance. The programme also features Guy Maddin’s Night Mayor.

Silence! Symposium: Film and Writing, Now
After all that inspiration, join the debate about the future of film writing with sci-fi satirist Steve Aylett, anti-novelist Stewart Home and other top EIFF filmmakers. An event sure to boost creativity and might even be the stimulus for future adaptations…

Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone on 0131 228 2688 or in person at Filmhouse.

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