The European Premiere of David Mackenzie's Perfect Sense moves from The Cameo to Edinburgh's 1500-seater Festival Theatre.

After a selling out advance tickets, the Sigma Films feature has moved to the Festival Theatre. Taking place on Saturday 18 June, Scottish star Ewan MacGregor will be in attendance.

The Glasgow-set drama sees a reteaming of the Young Adam director and star and tells the tale of a chef, Michael (McGregor) and a scientist, Susan (Eva Green) who fall in love just as the world begins to fall apart.

Produced by the hugely successful Sigma Films, the team behind Hallam Foe and Young Adam, this haunting and moving sci-fi drama, also stars Connie Nielsen, Denis Lawson, Stephen Dillane and Ewen Bremner. Green’s character is a scientist researching for important answers, so important that she’s given up on other things, including love, until she meets Michael, when suddenly everything starts to change.

Speaking about the film and its Premiere at EIFF 2011, Ewan McGregor said, "I’m delighted to be able to come to Edinburgh to support the Film Festival and the European Premiere of Perfect Sense and look forward to seeing the film in such an amazing venue."

James Mullighan, Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival added, "I am delighted that we are staging the European Premiere of Perfect Sense at this year’s Festival, and collaborating with Sigma and Distributor Arrow Films in celebrating another fine production. It’s encouraging to see the enthusiasm of film fans who have already snapped up tickets for the premiere and we’re delighted to be able to move the screening to the glorious Edinburgh Festival Theatre venue - one of the finest movie going experiences in the UK.  We look forward to welcoming Ewan and other members of the film’s cast and production where audiences can enjoy a first screening of this gripping new feature."
Tickets for the European Premiere and second screening on 19 June are available here on the EIFF website.

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  • Nadine Arber Saturday 4th June, 2011 / 00:34 GMT

    Not particularly impressed that this changed after I queued early Friday morning to be told that it was sold out already. So I was forced to change my plans and buy tickets for the Sunday screening. The only seats left are not hugely desireable ones and I really dont fancy paying twice, given the price of tickets this year.

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