BBC 2 Premiere for EIFF Alumni this Thursday

Andy Maas - producer of last year's EIFF title Spanking in Paradise - has yet another success, this time in the field of documentary. This Thursday at 9pm BBC 2 will be screening director Mike Day's beautiful film The Guga Hunters of Ness (produced by Andy Maas and Mike Day), a fascinating and awesome documentary exposing the unique tradition of the hunting of gannet seabirds, known in Gaelic as Guga.  

The hunting of these birds was outlawed in 1954 in the UK but the community of Ness on the Isle of Lewis continues to be granted the only exemption under UK and EU law allowing them to hold the annual hunt. Over weeks at sea the film crew of five endured almost continual gales and breakages to follow the Guga Hunters as they hunted young gannets on the desolate rocky isle of Sula Sgeir, 40 miles offshore in the North Atlantic.

Tune in to BBC 2 this Thursday at 9pm to see the result of their intrepid journey.

To learn more about the film crew's experience click here


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  • Graham Gillies Thursday 20th January, 2011 / 10:32 GMT

    Mike Day writes on BBC Scotland about making the film here:

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