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Quote lovers have a fantastic new resource to enjoy online. Taking the traditional quotations dictionary and transforming it into a social, simple to use resource for the web, Quotables offers a way to organise your quote collection in one place and share your favourite quotes with your friends.

Based in Glasgow, Quotables hopes to do for the quotations dictionary what Wikipedia did for the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Supported by the Arts Council England and Channel 4, the site offers a unique way for language lovers to share and discover some of the funniest, wisest, and most memorable things ever said.

And Quotables is not a resource to be sniffed at, as the website strives to, "create a useful and accessible online home for quotations, generated by a community of quote lovers, that would dispel the inaccuracies of current quotation websites. Eventually we hope it will become the number one place for people to enjoy and share their favourite quotes online," says Andy Bell, Creative Director of Mint Digital and the Quotables project. Earlier today, the website was featured in the Guardian.

Today, Quotables is holding a contest to win an iPad - all you have to do is tweet your favourite quote from the website. They are also hosting a Blogathon, with guest posts from quote lovers all across the blogosphere.

We've compiled a selection of their best quotes about film for your enjoyment.

Remember to visit Quotables and the Quotables Blog, and follow them on Twitter @QuotablesHQ.

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