H.P. Lovecraft breathes new life

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For fans of EIFF 2010's The Dunwich Horror, fear not, another H.P. Lovecraft yarn is set to rise from the grave and onto the big screen.

For those of you who savoured EIFF’s sound-only screening of The Dunwich Horror, heed the news that another of Lovecraft’s creations will be assaulting your senses soon.

In a never before seen collaboration, Guillermo Del Toro is set to team up with mega-movie maker James Cameron to bring At the Mountains of Madness to the big screen in spectacular fashion.

Fresh from the success of box office smash Avatar, Cameron will be lending his expertise with this epic-in-waiting filmed entirely in 3D.

Meanwhile the man of many projects, Del Toro, recently announced he would be moving on from production of The Hobbit to direct this sci-fi-meets-supernatural style horror.

At the Mountains of Madness comes straight out of Lovecraft’s penchant for gruesome, far-out plots.

Set in the 1930s, a scientific expedition to the South Pole ends in hints to the origin of mankind and the disturbing awakening of god-like beings.

This year EIFF was host to another H.P. Lovecraft adaptation with a twist; the premiere of the world’s first audio horror movie – The Dunwich Horror.

Audiences became immersed in the soundscapes created by Bang Ltd and supporting company Savalas. The production asked listeners to close their eyes and let the carefully crafted cinematic sounds take them on a journey.

H.P Lovecraft’s revival in recent times shows us that his classic style of horror is far from dead with the creative industry’s imaginations and innovations keeping it alive and ugly.

The Dunwich Horror of EIFF 2010 could be described as an 'audicle' while At the Mountains of Madness promises to be a spectacle which begs the question - which of our senses will be pillaged next in the pursuit for the ultimate horror thrill?

Adam Forrest

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